Comedy night raises $4,000 for Lakeview Optimist Club

The 5th Annual Boob Tour Comedy Night included four comedians who entertained an adult audience.

American Comedian Steve Mazan makes the audience laugh during his performance as part of the 5th Annual Boob Tour Comedy Night held at the Community Centre last Friday night. The event entertained an adult audience and raised about $4

The 5th Annual Boob Tour Comedy Night included four comedians who entertained an adult audience at the Sylvan Lake Community Centre last Friday night.

The popular comedians included Andrew Albert and Dan Glasswick, who have appeared on Just for Laughs; Jordan Welwood from Laugh Out Loud on CBC; and Steve Mazan, a cancer survivor himself, who wrote for the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

The original concept of the Boob Tour Comedy Night started with a group of events held to raise money for breast cancer, said club treasurer Tasha Young.

The comedy night is the main fundraiser for the Lakeview Optimist Club and brought in around $4,000, said Young.

“The mandate of our club is to deal with children,” Young said. “We wanted to gear any funds we raised towards a children’s cancer campaign, so we created the Sylvan Lake Youth Cancer Fund. That’s the main beneficiary of the event. Our goal is to use the funds for children in our area with cancer.”

The club has other initiatives such as helping the Lego club, the Spray Park and the Christmas Bureau in anyway they can.

The club also assists the youth in the community in any other way they may need help.

Young describes the club as being “small but mighty”. The club currently has seven members, and when called upon, those members help the youth living within the community.

“We assist when asked,” Young said. “For example, the Flipside Youth Drop-In Centre needed new TVs, so we did a bottle drive with them.”

Young said the club’s members have been working to publicize their name this year by attending several interagency meetings, as other agencies aren’t aware of the club’s existence.

“When other agencies are looking for money, sometimes they won’t even think to come and ask us,” Young said.

She said ‘Bringing Out the Best in Kids’ is the club’s slogan, as they will do anything they can to help children in the community.

“That could be sending kids to camp or sponsoring a hockey team. It’s anything that we can do.”