MAKING WAVES - The inflatable water park, Aqua Splash Park, is being built piece-by-piece ahead of its June 17 opening. The park will include a few new features this year, including; a round about, giant launch bag and floating water mats to allow guest to walk out to hte park instead of swimming. Photo by Megan Roth/Sylvan Lake News

Aqua Splash Park nearing opening date

A popular local summertime splash is returning to Sylvan Lake soon.

The inflatable water park is just about ready to open to the public on June 17 for the 2017 summer season.

Aqua Splash Park, which went through a text run last summer, will be open during the weekends only until June 30, at which point it will be open every day during the summer – weather permitting.

“We are fully based on the weather. If it’s not looking so good outside, it’s important to contact us or look at our Facebook to make sure we will be open that day,” explained Terri Tisdale, the administrative assistant with Aqua Splash.

Tisdale says it is possible the park will be closed in the morning but open later in the day, or close early due to bad weather coming through. Admission to the park will be open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., again weather permitting.

The park will be a little different from what some people might expect, after seeing it in action last year.

Tisdale says there will be a few new pieces of the floating park, making it a bit bigger.

A climbing wall has been added as well as a few extra pieces to give the park more space and square footage.

“This summer we are also looking at adding foam boards on the water to walk out to the park,” said Tisdale. “Last year everyone had to swim out and were a little tired from it.”

The new additions, along with a storefront, will add to the whole experience, according to Tisdale.

The storefront – located at 5100 Lakeshore Drive, next to the convince store – will offer some children’s clothing, towels, flip-flops as well as some other items for those who may have forgotten to pack them.

“We are also really excited to be offering Dip ’N Dots this season as well,” said Tisdale.

Safety is a big concern with the park, and the owners have safety measures in place to ensure everyone has a good, safe, time at the park.

Those measures include having trained and certified life guards on hand and having every participant wearing life jackets.

“I know in the promotional photos no one is wearing life jackets, but those are from Wibit – the company that makes the park. Our policy is for everyone to wear a life jacket no matter the age.”

The is also a minimum height standard and age to be able to play, according to Tisdale.

Any child wanting to play on the park must be at least six years old and be no shorter than three foot, six inches.

“At six is when we feel children should be a strong enough swimmer to be able to go out to the park,” said Tisdale.

With the minimum age there are still a few more standards as well. Children between the ages of six and eight must be accompanied by a paying adult.

Children over the age of nine may play on the apparatus without an accompanying adult, but must have a waiver signed by an adult.

Every one going to Aqua Splash Park must sign a waiver before going out.

Aqua Splash will be providing discounts and saving to families and groups planning to attend.

There will also be promo rates for non-peak times, 11-12 p.m. and 6-7 p.m.

“We are really looking forward to having groups come out and experience our park. I think this is something that can easily accommodate groups like family reunions or even work events,” said Tisdale.

Any group of eight or more people looking to book time at the park should call ahead to book.

“We’ve already got some large groups booking. People seem to be pretty excited.”

Youth tickets, aged 12 and under, for one hour will cost $12 and an adult ticket, over the age of 12, is $17 an hour.

A family of four may purchase a family pass for $50 for one hour.

More information about the Aqua Splash Park can be found online on Facebook or at or by calling 587-377-4386.