May 11, 2017 · Updated 11:34 AM

CHARITY GOLF - Eighteen different charities raised over $30,000 at Top O’ the Hill Golf Course on May 5. / PHOTOS BY TODD COLIN VAUGHAN/ SYLVAN LAKE NEWS

Sylvan Lakers continued to show their giving nature on May 5, when Top O’ the Hill Golf Course held its fist annual Top 100 Charity Golf Tournament. The tournament brings in local non-profits and charities to raise money for their own organizations by taking pledges for the golfers playing 100 holes of golf.

“We raised quite a bit,” Organizer Dale Plante said. “The idea behind the Top 100 was to have up to 18 different groups raise money for their group, with all of the money going to them. We had multiple charities throughout Sylvan Lake and some church groups that are going on mission trips. The golfers do 100 holes from the 100-yard mark. For each one of them, they are either raising per hole or a single donation.”

While Plante mentioned that the nature of a first annual tournament means that not every group was able to fundraise in time, many groups throughout Sylvan Lake were able to raise considerable sums for their causes.

“Beacon Hill School playground is out on the course now and Colin Fraser is playing with them - he won a Stanley Cup with the LA Kings. They raised $2,500,” Plante said. “The Gideons Organization raised $22,000 for today. Community Partners is here. The Refugee Committee who are helping out Syrian refugees are here.”

Tough economic times can be hard on charities, however Plante sees Sylvan Lake as a town with residents always willing to give.

“My whole mindset is that I always want the businesses I represent to be about the community,” he said. “Sylvan is a big part of my heart and its great anytime I can use this place to help out. It can be not easy to raise money nowadays - it is a tough season we are in. To be creative, like on a day like today, is what I want to be part of. It is a fun day and a fundraising day.”

Golfers were treated to prizes and steak barbecue catered by Blondie’s Restaurant following the round - which took around four hours to complete, with each golfer teeing up three balls per hole.

“It is a fun day and I know we will continue to build on it,” he said, adding that the total sum raised was over $30,000.

Sylvan Lakers can continue to donate to these causes.

“Anyone who wants to help out the causes can go through Top O’ the Hill or directly to the groups here,” Plante said. “Community Partners would be an awesome one because there are so many needs and Beacon Hill School is nearing their goal so we are super excited for them.”

Top O’ the Hill will be having at least five charitable golf tournaments this summer, including one in association with the Canadian Tire Jump Start program. If you would like more information, you can visit