LIGHT-UP SIGNS - Peace in Pod Yoga played host to a workshop where participants built signs

Art workshops becoming a force in Eckville

Peace in a Pod Yoga studio was home to a different sort of serenity on Sunday, March 5.

Peace in a Pod Yoga studio was home to a different sort of serenity on Sunday, March 5.

Dusty Star Customs was in the building providing a workshop for Eckville residents in the art of creating signs.

“We are doing a workshop with porch signs, light-up signs and clocks,” Co-owner Jolene Hughes said. “People choose the project they want, we cut up some vinyl stenciling for them and then they make their projects.”

The event was open to anyone and required no previous experience.

“No artistic talent is recquired and it is good people coming out to have some fun,” Hughes said.

The idea for these workshops came after Jolene Hughes and Cam Playfair wanted to try something different.

“Dusty Star Customs makes rustic furniture and decor,” she said. “We wanted to do something that didn’t take place on weekends . We toyed with the idea of doing a workshop, thought about it for awhile, and finally a business in Rimbey was open to the idea of trying one there.We bit the bullet, did it, and it has taken off.”

Since then, the workshops have grown to a heavy workload.

“We are doing multiples per week,” Hughes said. “It is huge right now.”

The growth of art workshops has been huge in Central Alberta.

“A lot of people are doing paint nights and other people are doing all sorts of workshops,” she said. “It is really great that the interest is great for all of us.”

The turnout for Dusty Star Customs workshops have coincided with the growth of the artistic industry.

“It has been great,” she said. “When we first start in a new Town, it can be slower until people get used to it but Rimbey we sell out within 24 hours, so it depends. It is slower in Eckville, but this is where we are from so we like to try them here and do what we can.”

The workshops also allows Hughes to work with other businesses.

“It is great when we work with other businesses,” she said. “It is a great place people to get your products out and for team-building events.”

If you would like more information, you can log on to Dusty Star Customs Facebook page.