Council approves purchase of land to move exisiting infastructre

Water and sewer mains along with ATCO gas lines will be loved under lane-way

Sylvan Lake Town Council recently approved the purchase land between 49 Street and 50 Street for water and sewer replacement.

The purchase was for 96.7 square meters of right-of-way and 174.3 square meters of a severed parcel from 5036 49 Street (Lot 14). The total cost of this purchase was $63,880 and included a land swap of 123 square metres of the existing lane.

The purchase is to create a lane-way behind Cobb’s block. The purchase will also facilitate moving sanitary, water and ATCO gas mains to a permanent location.

Currently these lines are found under private lands. The town plans to move the existing infrastructure under the lane-way.

To move the existing infrastructure, the Town will have to extend the lane into private lands, three in particular, Lot 14 on 49 Street, Lot 12 on 50 Street and Lot 9 on 50 Street.

“There is currently and easement registered through all three of these lots that currently splits them and limits the development, which can occur due to the easement,” the report issued to Council stated.

The infrastructure is actually located under the easement on each of the properties, meaning no development is able to occur over this section of land.

“While we are replacing the water and sanitary mains, it would make sense to relocate the new water, sanitary mains along with ATCO gas to the newly created lane so that the easement is not required and landowners can fully develop their lands in the future.”

The proposal brought to landowners was to extend the land through Lot 9, 12 and 14.

This required the purchase of a six metre right-of-way from Lots 12 and 14.

The report to Council claims the purchase will allow the Town control over the placement of utilities and future replacements or work can be completed easily and cheaper.

the Town is funding the replacements and the land purchases through the Sanitary and Water Main Replacement Program budget.

The purchase of 60.4 square meters of right-of-way from Lot 12 on 50 Street was also approved by Council for the cost of $28,350.

The infrastructure line replacement is scheduled to being after the Labour Day weekend in September.