The Legion will elect a new executive on February 7 at 7 p.m. The Legion hosts multiple events throughout the year including the Legion Thanksgiving Dinner.

Legion to elect new governing body on February 7

The Sylvan Lake Legion #217 recently held a meeting in order to elect a governing body for their Charter.

The Sylvan Lake Legion #217 recently held a meeting in order to elect a governing body for their Charter. Unfortunately, they were unable to form an executive and control of the charter was passed on.

“Since it was unsuccessful, command took charge of the Legion,” Legion Member Ed Stevenson said. “When they take charge, they need someone to be a trustee so they asked me to step into that position. I am now Trustee of the Legion until a time when we can hopefully elect a new executive.”

A new meeting will take place on February 7th at 7 p.m. to hopefully elect a new governing body, however there are some issues regarding voter eligibility.

“The only ones who will be allowed to vote at that time are people who are in good standing with their #217 membership cards,” Stevenson said. “We realize that people that have reapplied to join the Legion as well as people that have actually applied to be part of the Legion.

“None of them will be allowed to vote because they are not accepted as part of this branch yet. They are welcome to attend but will not be allowed to vote.”

Stevenson wanted it to be made clear that this is because they are unable to confirm new members without an executive body.

“It’s important they remember that it’s not a case where they aren’t welcome but because of regulations they will not be able to be put forth as members until March. We are glad to see their interest. It’s encouraging,” he added.

There was some fear leading up to the previous meeting that the Legion was in danger of folding, however Stevenson explained that this was a very remote possibility.

“In my opinion that was never an option,” he said. “We did have difficulty acquiring an executive which created a problem. We have to realize that command would do everything they could to keep a viable Legion open. They have taken steps to do that and they’ll take every step that needs to be done. The possibility is nil.”

He added the plan going forward is to form a new executive and move forward.

“The Legion was built for the vets and we owe it to those vets to keep the Legion up and going in an honorable way,” he said.