COFFEE STATION- The Sylvan Lake Municipal Library's new coffee station can be found near the entrance of the building and offers a coffee for $1 per cup.

Library introduces new coffee station

Proceeds from Library's new coffee station will support a family this coming Christmas.

  • Thu Jun 1st, 2017 2:00pm
  • News

The Sylvan Lake Municipal Library has got the thing for you, if you want something warm to sip on while reading, or even just a middle of the day pick-me-up. Staff at the Library recently set up a coffee station, where patrons can purchase and make cup of pod coffee, using the new coffee maker set up there, for $1.

“We’ve got a coffee machine, coffee pods, sugar and cups all of which was donated,” said Library Clerk Siân Grant. “A group of us decided we would like to have a coffee station. We wanted 100 per cent of the proceeds to go to charity, as well.”

Grant noted that the Library has teamed up with the Sylvan Lake Community Partners Association to develop a plan to put the money toward an important local cause to sponsor a family at Christmastime.

“We figured it was a good decision, because we have the majority of the year to fundraise as much as we can,” added Grant.

The coffee station has seen steady traffic, Grant noted, adding that “it’s proving to be quite a success. Plenty of coffee gets bought every day. We’re thinking of bringing in cookies or baked goods on a Friday, every month, so that when people purchase a cup of coffee, they get a cookie or baked good with it, for free.”