Lighthouse fundraising going strong as construction continues

Members of the community have shown a strong desire to be part of the much-loved landmark.

  • Thu Jul 23rd, 2015 5:00am
  • News

The Sylvan Lake Lighthouse Project received yet another funding boost from the community with a $500 donation from Central Alberta Co-op recently. Here

With the construction of a new lighthouse in Sylvan Lake now underway, members of the community have shown a strong desire to be part of the much-loved landmark.

So much so, in fact, that the project’s committee is contemplating extending its popular Buy-a-Brick fundraiser into a second phase.

“There’s no reason for this lighthouse not to stand for the next 100 years, and it’s kind of cool to have your name on a brick for 100 years in a really public place,” said Sylvan Lake Rotary Lighthouse Committee member Susan Samson. “I think that’s what appealed to a lot of people.”

So far, the committee has raised around $205,000 — money that’s come from a variety of different sources.

About 200 bricks have been sold through the fundraiser, and will bear the names of businesses and individuals at the base of the lighthouse once it’s constructed.

While the deadline for purchasing bricks was initially supposed to be next week, members of the committee will keep a close eye on demand to see if the initiative can possibly be extended.

“If we see that there is a demand, then we’ll start Phase 2 of the brick sales,” said Samson, adding further bricks would likely need to be part of the walkway surrounding the lighthouse. “Once the lighthouse is built and people see the bricks, they’re going to say, ‘I wish I had bought a brick.’”

So far, screw piles have been installed at the new lighthouse’s site just north of the marina complex on the west side of Lakeshore Drive. Foundation work will come next, with the project expected to wrap up by fall of this year.

Work on Lighthouse Park, within which the Lighthouse will be situated, will follow soon after — possibly in spring, Samson expects.

Further information on the project and related fundraising initiatives is available on the Sylvan Lake Lighthouse Project Facebook page.