While learning about Canada’s territories, the children participated in dog-sled races, without hte dogs. Those present acted as both the dogs pulling the sled and the rider directing the sled. Photos by Megan Roth

Photos: Dinosaurs, monster and dog-sled, oh my!

Eckville Library’s summer reading program teaches children about Canada

Children attending the summer reading program at hte Eckville Library this year have been learning all about Canada.

Everything from cultures to histories to transportation has been covered so far.

This week the children in attendence participated in a Canadian Adventure where they learned about the western part of the country. The learned about Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Brisitsh Columbia, Yukon, North West Territories and Nunavut.

Event for the session included “digging” for dinosaur bones, the Ogopogo monster and dog-sled races.

The milk-jug-igloo at the library is still being built and the staff hope to have it done by the end of the program.

There is only two more weeks left of the summer reading program in Eckville.


While learning about Bristish Columbia’s Ogopogo, the chidren at the summer reading program created their own monsters out of clay.

Part of learning about Alberta includes learning about dinosaurs. The children were able to “dig” for their own dinosaur bones out of little eggs made of chalk.