Photos: Sylvan Lake Show and Shine

The Sylvan Lake Customs and Classic club held its 11th annual show and shine at the Meadowlands Golf Course July 8.

The golf course was busy as participants began lining up on the driving range early in the day, with the show opening to the public at 9 a.m.

At the end of the day, the club handed out three trophies to club members. The trophies went to Gord Bredo with his 1952 Mercury pickup, Doug Gordon with his 1930 Ford Mercury Town Sedan and Colin McMann with his 1934 Plymouth Coupe.

The club also recognized 10 participates who they felt were some of the best in show.

The 10 car enthusiasts recognized were: Stan Miller, from Spring Lake, for his 1949 Chevrolet pickup; Kevin Pecho, from Hanna, for his 1969 Mustang; Mervyn Pidherney, from Rocky Mountain House, for his 1960 Chrysler 300; Brent Befus, from Airdrie, for his 1950 Mercury; George Ramage, from Red Deer, for his 1948 Pontiac Hearse; D and M Savage, from Red Deer, for their 1940 Chevrolet Cabriolet; Don Boser, from Calgary, for his 1969 TransAm, Stan Barlow, from Calgary, for his 1940 one tonne Ford pickup; Kelly McLellan, for Ford, with a 1932 Ford pickup and finally R. Lee Cofield, from Caroline, with a 1951 Merc Custom.

Along with the recognitions to club members and participants, three people also won cash prizes.

Art and Susan Sanders won $250, Alice Bilinski won $150 and Stan Norm won $100.

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All shapes, sizes and ages were presented at the the annual show and shine for spectators and car nuts to oohh and awe over.

The show and shine gave car enthusiasts the chance to take about their passion with cars surrounding them.

A member of the Sylvan Lake Customs and Classics meet participants as they enter Meadowlands to give them directions on where to go and how to register.

Arriving early to the show and shine gave participants the chance to give their pride and joy one last once over with a rag before specators really began to flood the area.

Enthusiasts and those with a mild interest paused to take in the care and detail give to each vehicle. Many vehiles popped their hood to also show off their custom engine.

The show and shine had many different makes and models, including some of the first motor vehicles made.

Some vehicles were very new models, that some took the time to marvel over and get up close to.

The vehicles on display were lined up in rows for easy viewing for any taking the time to head down to Meadowlands Golf Course.

The vehicles, cars and trucks alike, were lined up on the driving range as they came in. There was no specified order which have guests of the event a mixed bag as they walked along the vehicles.

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