Otis – Executive director for Medicine River Wildlife Centre Carol Kelly with Otis the owl as one of the Career Fair presenters at École Mother Teresa School Friday.

Students learn different career paths from local presenters

All the students at École Mother Teresa School were treated to an afternoon of listening to a variety of presenters

All the students at École Mother Teresa School were treated to an afternoon of listening to a variety of presenters during their career day on Friday.

Students in all grades visited different classrooms where people of various occupations explained what they did in their career.

The career fair is run every two years and was an afternoon the students did not want to miss out on.

The fair has being going on for many years now and is run by a career fair committee who organizes who will speak at the event.

There were a multitude of local individuals that spoke in depth on what they did in their career, allowing the students to learn that great success comes from working very hard.

The presenters included an acupuncturist, first responder, massage therapist, electrician, dentist and hygienist, medical students, optometrist,lawyer, radio announcer, a Town councillor, environmental officer, flight instructor, fitness facility owner and an engineer.

All the presenters were very passionate about sharing what they did in their careers and students found their stories to be interesting.

The presenters gave students a little taste of what careers could offer them.

This is what the career fair committee aims to accomplish in the fair.

“As a committee and as a team we try to bring in a variety of careers,” said one of the career fair committee members Trevor Reinhart. “What is really awesome is the passion. When the presenters come in they are pretty passionate about what they (do). It wows the students.”

It was obvious the students were really enjoying the afternoon of learning about the different careers they could go into.

In each classroom the student were very respectful listening to every word the presenters said and were eager to ask questions afterwards.

Listening to someone talk about their career also provides another avenue of learning for the students. The students didn’t have to simply read a job description off the internet, they had a real life person talking directly to them.

“It’s a different person and a different voice,” Reinhart said. “If you put your heart into it you are going to do what you want to do.”

The presenters also put their heart and soul into explaining what they do.

“It’s a lot of work, when the presenters come,” Reinhart said. “That’s what makes the students’ day.”

When the afternoon was finished Reinhart and the other teachers at the school ensured all the presenters were thanked for taking the time to be at the school.

It was a thank you from the bottom of the career fair committee’s heart and all the school’s staff and students.