Sylvan Lake Councillor Jas Payne seeks reelection

Payne announced his intentions to run for reelection on Facebook

Sylvan Lake Town Councillor Jas Payne has officially announced his intention to run for reelection.

In a Facebook post from Aug. 4, Payne asked for the support of voters in the next municipal election.

While Payne wrote the post, which detailed his values and views on the town, he wrote a post back in June announcing his intentions.

“It’s been no well kept secret, but I might as well make it known. I am seeking re-election to my council seat in the fall. I would love your support,” Payne wrote on June 21.

Payne mentions in his recent announcement, Payne describe his commitment to seeing the youth of Sylvan Lake grow and thrive, through his work at the school and in his capacity as a town councillor.

He also mentions the best way to build a community is through the youth and families living there.

“I know that the continued work we do to build families, support families and build community is based not only in the youth programming but in the facilities and places that we can create to support families and the youth that are in constant need of guidance,” Payne said.

Payne’s family focused approach on building a community is backed by fiscal responsibility.

All decisions, he says, are “supported with sound decision making”. He claims this will lead to the citizens of Sylvan Lake not being “unfairly or needlessly” taxed.

“I live day in, day out, and I too pay taxes that frustrate me at times and rates that seem to escalate,” said Payne.

He believes transparency is important, especially when running for public office. As such he claims there to be “no secrets” when it comes to fiscal responsibility.

He says honesty, clarity and transparency are important ideologies for him personally and as a councillor.

“I promise you the same thing I did four years ago; honesty, clarity, transparency and a constant and diligent effort on the part of this council,” he wrote.

The Sylvan Lake Town Council is made up of six councillors and one mayor.

Those looking to through their name into the hat candy so until Sept. 18.

The municipal election takes place on Oct. 16.