SUMMIT ENTERTAINMENT - The Eckville Town video made by Summit Entertainment features stunning drone footage of the Town.

Town releases video to showcase the vibrancy of Eckville

The Town of Eckville recently released a video, created by Summit Entertainment, that is intended to clear up some misconceptions.

The Town of Eckville recently released a video, created by Summit Entertainment, that is intended to clear up some misconceptions on what people may think about the Town.

The video, which was commissioned by Town Council, looks to provide a small sampling of the many vibrant activities going on through out the community to those who would potenially like to move to Eckville. The video, according to Councillor Sandi Hallgren, also helps tell the story of the town to outsiders.

“A lot of people noticed that some people were not even sure where Eckville is,” she said. “I golfed with guy from Sylvan who had never been to Eckville once and had lived in Sylvan for eight years. Central Alberta is centered around Red Deer and lots of people don’t stop in Eckville most people go straight to camping out west. Someone even asked me about the blacksmith in Eckville there hasn’t been a blacksmith here for as long as I can remember.”

The Town decided it was time for them to tell their own positive story through the creation of this video.

“The people who have something bad to say get their word out there but no one necessarily looks at the good things in life,” Hallgren explained. “We have residential lots for sale and our McDonald Heights lots are phenomenal. Economically they are also a good price you have your choice of builders. We also have our new sub-division, West View which is for brand new modular homes and we feel this is something that no one else really has to offer.”

One of the main misconceptions that the Town was looking to clear up is that Eckville is only for older demographics.

“We found that even mayors of different places would suggest we have an older population,” Hallgren said. “Our demographics don’t show that. Our highest demographic is 25-29 year olds and our next largest group is 0-4 year olds. We have a really young community. We’re not a bedroom community. We have every service and we have good grocery stores.”

She added the Eckville Parentlink, youth groups, recreation board and curling clubs to name a few are all very active in the town creating a dynamic atmosphere for residents.

“We wanted to show everything we have here,” she said. “I had suggested to Summit Video after watching their work that I was really impressed. I’ve heard people tell me after seeing the video that they would definitely move there. People want to be in this vicinity. For young people it’s a very desirable area.”

Selling the town on some of its perhaps unknown merits is very important to Hallgren and the rest of the Town Council and Town administration particularly online and at the upcoming Red Deer Home Show.

“I have been a real proponent of social media. We have also hired someone to look after our Facebook page,” Hallgren said. “Everyone was right into creating this video and I hope we can do more. We will have a strong presence at the upcoming Red Deer Home Show.”

Hallgren added, “People have the wrong view on what Eckville is. It can be economically and socially a good move to be here.”

“Our lot prices are almost half of what they are in Sylvan,” she said. “Helping to create this video has been a passion for me and it was fun to do this. It was good to have an outsider’s view on our Town.”

The Town video can be viewed at