Wildrose defections a display of greed and treachery

Prostitution is thriving in Alberta. And Danielle Smith is its prim and proper egomaniac pimp.

Dear Editor,

Prostitution is thriving in Alberta. And Danielle Smith is its prim and proper egomaniac pimp.

The en masse Wild Rose traipse across the floor at the legislature to join the governing PCs is not only infuriating, but also a monumental travesty of trust. It slaps each and every one of us in the face. It pukes on our political system. It’s gutless. It borders on treason.

Over 400,000 Albertans have been lied to and betrayed. Smith could sleep comfortably in a grain auger, the snake! She slithered out from under the same rock as Alison Redfraud!

It also speaks volumes of Jim Prentice that he gladly takes such a disgracefully disloyal person as Smith and her cronies into his caucus. A man of integrity would have had nothing to do with this sham. Shame, shame, shame on them all.

It’s all about the power, pension and paycheques. These people will do anything to hedge their bets. It’s about ensuring a very good position at the trough; no morals, no scruples, just a bunch of rats abandoning ship.

It’s not a defection. It’s betrayal, with a capital B. If WR voters can get over the pain of this knife in the back, they will see this is as it really is, a disgusting display of greed and treachery.

And yes, this included you, Kerry Towle, who defected earlier and in doing so thoroughly abused those Innisfailians who supported you with their pocket books and countless hours of volunteer work.

Was Smith really devastated and betrayed by Towle a couple weeks back, or just annoyed Towle beat her across the aisle? Seeing as Smith was already negotiating with the PCs, would it be rude to suggest the latter?

The disgusting display of zero ethics by a band of hypocritical opportunists is an immoral, outright lie to the electorate, somewhat surprising when one considers their holier-than-thou rhetoric spewed during the election campaign.

They should resign and allow us to go to polls. Many Albertans voted WR as a last resort. The real travesty here is there are no regards for the electorate. We are meaningless pawns.

Do you still wonder why we get voter turnouts of about 30 per cent in this province? Democracy? Highly unlikely. More like debauchery.

There should be a way to launch a class action lawsuit for breach of trust, not to mention their outright theft of the democratic process from the populace. And there should also be legislation enacted to prevent this betrayal by our own little Tea Party from EVER happening again. There needs to be a mechanism that bounds the person to the party and the constituents that elected that person. No floor crossing. No get-out-of-jail-free cards.

And the resulting by-elections should be conducted at the expense of those who intended to cross the floor. Was it not taxpayers’ dollars which funded election costs in the first place? Why did we even bother with an election if, when the governing PCs have all the toys, the opposition just trots on over to their side of the sandbox.

Give up and resign if you must — but defect? Pathetic.

If we were in a third-world country, people would be taking up arms. Let’s get off our asses and demand democracy be respected.

They have made a mockery of the right to vote. Expel each and every one of them.

Bryan Goulding,