April 13, 2017 · 7:47 AM

SLO PITCH - On April 28-30, Eckville will play host to Spring Slo Pitch tournament. / Eckville Echo file photo

For those wanting to get out their ball gloves, there will be a charity slo pitch tournament in Eckville on April 28-30.

“I thought everyone is itching to play ball, so I was hoping to pull a bunch of teams together,” Organizer Tamara Lawrence said.

Lawrence is hoping to bring together as many interested teams and players as possible, with all the games taking place at the ball diamond beside the Eckville Arena and Friendship Centre.

“I can take eight and if I get a lot of interest, I can take 16 and use the second diamond in Eckville,” she said.

All of the registration fees will go to support a local charity in Eckville.

“All of the registration fees are going to the Eckville Elementary playground fund,” Lawrence said. “They are looking to do upgrades on their playground.”

Lawrence is hoping that the popularity of slo pitch continues to grow in Eckville.

“We have always been into ball and we are part of the Leslieville Ball league,” she said. “We try to do things around Eckville to keep ball in the town.”

Lawrence is asking teams to pool together for the winning prizes.

“This one is a little more simple then our breast cancer event but with this one, we are asking people to donate a $25 gift card,” she said. “I plan to put all of the donated cards into a glove, and that would be the winning prize for the tournament.”

If you are interested in playing but don’t have a whole team, Lawrence is looking to accommodate.

“I have a lot of people that don’t have a full team,” she said. “I am trying to put together an individual team so people have the opportunity to play.”

If you would like more information you can contact Lawrence at 403 373 1209.