BIG WIN - The Pee Wee Eagles opened with a 23-4 victory over the Ermineskin Rec Hawks.

Eckville Minor Baseball starts strong in 2017

Eckville Minor Baseball has returned, and the Eagles are already soaring around the baseball diamond.

Eckville Minor Baseball has returned, and the Eagles are already soaring around the baseball diamond. On May 3, the Pee Wee Eagles opened their season against the Ermineskin Rec Hawks.

“The game went well for the first game of the season,” Coach Judy Cowan text messaged, in a correspondence with the Eckville Echo. “We have a lot of new players, and a few that haven’t played in a couple years, so it was extremely nice to see them do as well as they did and work together as a team. We had a fantastic home opener, successfully defeating the Ermineskin Rec Hawks 23-4.”

Cowan was extremely impressed with all of her young players and foresees a great season ahead of them.

“I am looking forward to another great baseball season with a fabulous group of young athletes,” she said. “It’s so awesome to watch each player improve their skills with each game, and practice and truly develop a love for the game.”

For Cowan, the important thing to instill in players at at the pee wee level is not winning.

“I think one of the most important aspects is that the children have fun,” she said. “I feel, as a coach, once the child is having fun, the learning comes naturally. I am fortunate to have a wonderful group of parents that volunteer coach, and help keep the kids busy and focused at practices. The players need to learn and perfect the basic skills first, like catching, throwing and batting. It’s important for them to be confident in their skills and to not be afraid to mess up once in a while. It’s all a part of getting better and supporting each other.”

For Cowan, ensuring that the kids are enjoying themselves and begining to learn the many rules of baseball is what it is all about.

“Baseball is a very complex game with a lot of rules, and it can be challenging for young players to grasp and fully understand,” she explained. “I feel at the pee wee level if we as coaches can get the players to the point where they can learn to read plays, anticipate their next move and work together as a team, we have done well.”

Cowan has high hopes for the rest of the season for her young athletes.

“I would like to see the kids improve and develop their skills, try their best, and do well and hopefully all be super excited to come back next season,” she said, adding that the Town has been very supportive of Minor Baseball.

“It was wonderful to see such interest and turnout for our teams of all ages this year,” she said. “I just want to thank the community of Eckville for their continuing support in minor baseball and hope that you can make it out to cheer on one of our team’s upcoming games.”