Baylee Graham, riding Halle B Smooth, concentrates as she takes a turn July 29 during The Breeze, a slot barrel race with a first place payout of $50,000. Photo by Jeffrey Heyden-Kaye

Over $280,000 paid out in barrel race weekend in Ponoka

Barrel racing pays out the big bucks with the top racers in North America competing

There are two barrel races so big in Ponoka that the total payout for both is over $280,000.

Those races are The Breeze and The Runaway, and they were held in conjunction at the Calnash Ag Event Centre last weekend to full crowds in the stands.

Both are slot races, which means there is a fixed number of barrel racers who can compete. But the stakes are high; the entry into The Breeze — with a total of 100 lifetime slots — is $1,780.

It’s a 2D race with the first rider in each division taking $50,000, the second winning $30,000 and the third and fourth taking $5,000 each. That’s $180,000 total for The Breeze.

The Runaway has 150 slots at $750 each with a total of three divisions, also a lifetime spot. The prize money for first place in each division is $20,000, second is $10,000 and third and fourth are $2,000 each. That’s $102,000 in total cash payout.

The event is the brain child of Laciee Shock-Fyfe who felt there was an opportunity in the barrel racing world for high stakes racing. Last year she hosted The Breeze and The Runaway event together at the ag event centre and the stands were full.

She has a waitlist of 400 racers who want to be part of the experience.

“Our race is very different than anything else,” says Shock-Fyfe.

“After you pay for your slot, you can rent the slot to someone else. You don’t have to pick the horse you’re running in,” she added.

The rider and horse can change right up until just one drag before the race, which creates extra work for organizers but gives some flexibility to racers. Considering the stakes, this flexibility for riders is an important piece.

“It’s really I think the versatility of the race,” said Shock-Fyfe about the demand. “And it is definitely the money.”

A win could be a life-changing experience for a racer, she said, adding that it’s only recently that the Calgary Stampede put up $100,000 for racers. “This is an event where you bought a slot, you run for $50,000.”

There are racers from all over North America who want to take part in the event. National Finals Rodeo competitors such as Taylor Jacob and Jackie Ganter competed.

Because of the high stakes, the racing is of high calibre and the competition is so strong that riders clocked speeds that challenged even the most veteran racers.

Carman Pozzobon posted some excellent times on both days and on the second day during The Runaway, she posted an arena record of 16.906 seconds on her horse Ripp. It’s a time that drew cheers and claps from the large crowd.

Pozzobon is on an upward climb in the barrel racing world; she won the Ponoka Stampede this year and is a CFR qualifier as well.

Shock-Fyfe says there is some opportunity for growth with The Breeze but didn’t elaborate stating organizers are ironing out the details.

Why the ag event centre? “The reason why we book at Calnash (Ag Event Centre) is the ground.”

“Their ground is incredible. It holds horses, there’s no slips,” said Shock-Fyfe.

She likes that the building is protected from the elements, has a long laneway for racers and can hold a regulation size barrel racing pattern.

“There’s no other event (centre) in Alberta that has as good of a ground,” she stated.

Shock-Fyfe doesn’t charge attendees to see the races but asks that either food or cash donations be made to the Ponoka Food Bank. Almost $400 was donated to the bank along with some food.

Race results:



$50,000, Callahan Crossley, 17.056 seconds

$30,000, Taylor Jacob, 17.063

$5,000, Shannon Blakely, 17.160

$5,000, Carman Pozzobon, 17.180


$50,000, Melissa Harding-Duff, 18.073

$30,000, Abbey Miller, 18.081

$5,000, Del Bieleny, 18.093

$5,000, Nicole Haughian, 18.102



$20,000, Carman Pozzobon, 16.906, new arena record

$10,000, Bailee Switzer, 17.208

$2,000, Brooke Swaffield, 17.230

$2,000, Jaime Hinton Anderson, 17.241


$20,000, Nina Smith, 17.610

$10,000, Reagan Tebb, 17.618

$2,000, Lauren Byrne, 17.673

$2,000, Pamela Jacob Purves, 17.674


$20,000, Christa Winsnes, 18.308

$10,000, Allison Thompson, 18.326

$2,000, Alexandra Keras, 18.343

$2,000, Carolynn Knapp, 18.344


Krystal Campbell zips past attendees July 29 during The Breeze, a slot race with a total of $180,000 payout. Here Campbell rides Zayzoom Pal. The next day was The Runaway with a payout of over $100,000. Photo by Jeffrey Heyden-Kaye

With a full crowd watching, Shannon Blakely rides Major Dry Bar around her first barrel during The Breeze slot race July 29. There was $180,000 in payout at this event. Photo by Jeffrey Heyden-Kaye

Taylor Jacob, an NFR record holder, rides Honor Thy Frenchman as she takes her second barrel. She was one of 99 other barrel racers hoping to garner the coveted $50,000 first place prize. Photo by Jeffrey Heyden-Kaye