MILAN MIRACLE - Santino “The Milan Miracle” Marella will be one former World Wrestling Entertainment wrestlers to perform during the Summer Clash Against Cancer pro wrestling event in Red Deer, Aug. 12. The event was originally planned ot take place in Sylvan Lake, but due to “logistical concerns” has been relocated to Red Deer. Photo Submitted by Darrin Thompson/Game Changers Canada

Pro wrestling event no longer to be held in Sylvan Lake

Summer Clash Against Cancer will be held in Red Deer due to logistical concerns

There has been a change in plans with the upcoming Summer Clash event.

Originally, Darrin Thompson, principal owner of Gamer Changers Canada, had planned to hold the first ever Summer Clash Against Cancer in Sylvan Lake. Unfortunately, logistical concerns have caused a shift in plans.

Instead of being held in Sylvan Lake, the Summer Clash Against Cancer – a pro wrestling event – will now be held in Red Deer.

“It was purely logistical concerns that caused the change,” said Thompson. “The amount of seating we would have needed for the event was too high.”

There was no business within town which would be able to provide seating for the number of guests the event expects to have.

Thompson also looked into bringing seating into Sylvan Lake from Red Deer, but said the cost would have been “astronomical.”

“It is really unfortunate, but ultimately we just had to shift our focus,” Thomson said.

Because of the change in venue, Thomson has “graciously refused” sponsorship from local businesses. He says this is because of the shift in focus from Sylvan Lake to Red Deer.

Planned sponsors included Town of Sylvan Lake, Best Western Chateau Inn – where the VIP meet and greet and accommodations where planned, and Viewpoint Lounge.

Despite denying sponsorship for this event, Thompson hopes to be able to work with those who are willing in the future, for other events.

With the event now being hosted in Red Deer, the events will be at the Stockman Pavillon and the Sheridan Inn on the same day as originally planned – Aug. 12.

The Stockman Pavillon will be the venue for the wrestling events, featuring “past WWE superstars” as well as local wrestlers.

The meet and greet will take place at 1:30 p.m. on Aug. 12 at the Sheridan Inn.

“Something new we are adding is, Summer Clash will be attending the Fitness Expo in Red Deer which is happening the same day.”

Unfortunately, Thomspon expects at least one more change in the event.

One of the wrestlers, “The Cheetah Bear” Jude Dawkins, who was scheduled to appear in the main event versus “The British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith Jr., has been injured and may not appear in the event.

“We’ll find out soon if he has been cleared, but right now I’m expecting there will be a change in headliner,” Thompson said.

Tickets for the event begin at $30 each and go up to $100 each for VIP tickets. Tickets can be purchased for the Aug. 12 event online at

“I hope the people of Sylvan Lake will still come to the event even though we will no longer be in town. It is still a regional event that will benefit the area.”

A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to Alberta Cancer Foundation, to keep the money local and to benefit Central Alberta.

More information on the Summer Clash Against Cancer can be found at www.gamechangerscanada/summerclash or on Facebook.