Poster winners

Poster winners

Students’ artistic and literary abilities celebrated at Legion

Some of the area’s most creative young minds were commended for their remembrance-focused works on Dec. 18

Some of the area’s most creative young minds were commended for their remembrance-focused works on Dec. 18, when they were presented as winners of the Legion’s Poster and Literary Contests.

A ceremony at the Royal Canadian Legion Sylvan Lake saw students from Sylvan Lake and area awarded certificates for the Remembrance Day contests, which were divided into various categories.

Stunning, powerful and amazing are just some of the adjectives Poppy Chair and contests organizer Sharon Graham used to describe the works produced. The winning entries, she feels, were fully deserving of their awards.

“We have so much talent in this area,” she said. “Entries are judged professionally, so for them to win having that level of judging, they obviously are very good.”

Support from teachers is integral to the contests’ success, she added, and helps students pay tribute to Canada’s war dead through their work.

“We have some teachers in the area that are very good at encouraging the children to do these posters and literary entries,” she said. “It’s good for us to get those entries, but it’s good for all those students to remember. While they’re doing all this, they are remembering, and it means something to them.”

Winning entries from the Sylvan Lake branch will now be judged at the area level, with the chance to progress further to district and provincial levels.

A local Grade 2 student was a provincial winner last year, and Graham feels some of this year’s winners also have the potential to go all the way.

A number of works from this year’s contests will be displayed at the Sylvan Lake Legion throughout the month of November.

Winners are as follows:

Senior Black and White Poster (Grade 10-12)

1st – London Heninger, HJ Cody School

2nd – Emma Laqua, HJ Cody School

3rd – Taylor Bootsma, HJ Cody School

Senior Colour Poster (Grade 10-12)

1st – Gabrielle Lacroix, HJ Cody School

2nd – Serena Carmichael, HJ Cody School

3rd – Sophie Brooks, HJ Cody School

Intermediate Black and White Poster (Grade 7-9)

1st – Megan Koch, HJ Cody School

2nd – Alexandra DeJonge, HJ Cody School

3rd – Kendra Dale, HJ Cody School

Intermediate Colour Poster (Grade 7-9)

1st – McKenzie Tomkinson-Crowe, HJ Cody School

2nd – Kami Blondheim, HJ Cody School

3rd – Sydney King, HJ Cody School

Junior Black and White Poster (Grade 4-6)

1st – Parker Dale, CP Blakely School

2nd – Kohen Mykyte, Benalto School

3rd – Austin Molycka, Benalto School

Junior Colour Poster (Grade 4-6)

1st – Taylor Stauffer, Benalto School

2nd – Katie Craig, École Mother Teresa School

3rd – Rowann Rollinson, CP Blakely School

Primary Colour Poster (Grade K-3)

1st – Kiera VanWart, Sylvan Meadows Adventist School

2nd – Michael Davis, Sylvan Meadows Adventist School

3rd – Keira VonGunten, Sylvan Meadows Adventist School

Senior Poem (Grade 10-12)

1st – Breanna Tait, HJ Cody School

2nd – Kara Canning, HJ Cody School

3rd – Rene Krause, HJ Cody School

Intermediate Poem (Grade 7-9)

1st – Joshua Steel, HJ Cody School

2nd – Kendra Dale, HJ Cody School

3rd – McKenzie Tomkinson-Crowe, HJ Cody School

3rd – Tikvah MacIntyre, HJ Cody School

Intermediate Essay (Grade 7-9)

1st – Starla Fifield, HJ Cody School

2nd – Bronwyn Jones, HJ Cody School

3rd – Bryer Ternovoy, HJ Cody School

Junior Poem (Grade 4-6)

1st – Rhys Grant, CP Blakely School

2nd – Sarah McClelland, CP Blakely School

3rd – Jessica MacAuley, CP Blakely School

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