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New business brings environmental-friendliness to construction

Pre-form is an environmentally-friendly constrcution company started with a Sylvan Lake resident

By Sarah Baker

For Sylvan Lake News

James Robinson’s new business Pre-form brings a new unique environmentally conscious approach to construction.

One part of the approach is that the spaces are built off site, said Robinson.

“This prefabrication means we have greater control over the construction processes, it increases precision and reduces waste.”

Since the spaces are prefabricated the company can deliver across Alberta and beyond, said Robinson.

“Whether it be a lakeside guest suite in Sylvan, a backyard office in Edmonton or a gym in Calgary, unlike traditional builders we aren’t limited by geographical location of our construction crews, and it’s the same price to build no matter where you are located.”

The business also uses organic materials to create the spaces making it so that the spaces can fit in an urban or rural area.

“The spaces offer a timeless aesthetic and do not resist aging, but more so age gracefully and beautifully.”

The business launched two months ago, and the creators were driven to make the product due to the pandemic.

“With the requirement for so many to work from home, we wanted to create a sanctuary in which people could thrive professionally, when working from a busy home or simply a space in which people could recharge.”

The initial customer response has been strong, said Robinson.

“We have enjoyed the process of introducing our product and demonstrating the benefits of our approach. There have also been a number of requests for customized spaces and that is something we aim to accommodate.”

Currently the business is further developing its product line, said Robinson.

“We are looking to include a sauna and a one-bedroom studio with bathroom and kitchenette. This would provide clients with a potential avenue for rental income on their property, or a getaway spot on a secluded piece of land.”