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Sylvan Lake Town Council approves second attempt for downtown cannabis retail shop

Firestone Cannabis submitted a new application after their first was denied in August

Sylvan Lake Town Council approved an application for a cannabis retail location in the downtown core.

Firestone Cannabis’s application to open a retail location at 5040 50 St. was approved at the most recent meeting of Council.

The location abides by the Town’s rules for placement of a cannabis retail shop as well as Council’s wishes for the downtown area.

Kyle Murphy, president of Firestone Cannabis, applied for the development of a new shop after his last application was denied.

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The last application was to open a store in Varsity Mall, and requested relaxations to the set backs for a cannabis retail store from places where children gather, like the library.

“Last time we were told Council put those set backs in place for a reason, and we listened to that and found another location that follows those riles,” Murphy said in a presentation to Council.

The new location approved by council previously had an approved cannabis retail application in place. However, that application has lapsed and a new application can be placed.

Murphy said there are a number of procedures in place to ensure minors are not allowed in the store.

For instance, part of Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis rules states the glass on the store front must obscure sight into the store. This means the windows must be covered or frosted to not allow anyone to see inside.

AGLC also says anyone who appears to be younger than 25-year-old must by prove they are of age upon entering.

“Our policy at Firestone is actually to ID anyone under the age of 40. You can’t be to safe, you know,” Murphy said.

Council said the new application follows all the rules put in place for a cannabis retail location, and saw no reason to deny the application.

The main concern with the application was that the store front would still look reminiscent of an empty building with the glass frosted to obscure vision to the inside.

“I know that is a requirement of the AGLC, but it is just disappointing that it will still kind of look like another empty building,” Coun. Megan Hanson said.

The motion to approve the application was passed unanimously.