Top: There were so many nominees in the 10-14 year old category of the Leaders of Tomorrow

Top: There were so many nominees in the 10-14 year old category of the Leaders of Tomorrow

Array of interests, talents reflected in leader nominees

Following are nominees in the 10-14 year old category who were recognized during the Leaders of Tomorrow Awards ceremony May 2.

Following are nominees in the 10-14 year old category who were recognized during the Leaders of Tomorrow Awards ceremony May 2. This was by far the largest category with 48 nominees.

The winner was Emma Pierson (story was in last week’s paper).

Kristy Beck – Kristy is a student who excels in all areas. She plans to one day become a lawyer or nurse so she can continue to help people. Kristy is eager to help at all community events and you will seldom find something happening where you won’t find Kristy lending a hand.

Deni Brauer – Deni is among one of the top student leaders I have had the privilege of working with, says her nominator. Deni brings a positive outlook and relentless work ethic to everything she participates in and always goes out of her way to offer help and praise to other students.

Emmi Breen – Emmi is a kind, caring and quiet individual. She is always willing to help out her peers and teachers and actively involved in the breakfast program at École Fox Run School. Her loyalty, dedication, and optimism are all qualities that make her a stand out leader.

Kaitlyn Butt – Kaitlyn is a dedicated student. She is dependable and can work extremely well even when unsupervised. Kaitlyn has helped in our peer tutor program and volunteered at many community events. She loves learning and constantly strives for excellence.

Alyssa Desautels – Alyssa is very positive and willing to do anything to help her peers or staff. She is willing to give up lunches to help sell tickets and prepare speeches and games for an assembly and is active in the youth program at the community centre. Her ability to work well with others makes her a great leader.

Mackenzie Dunlap – Mackenzie is an all-around great student who goes above and beyond what is expected. She is non-judgmental and accepting of everyone around her. Mackenzie is always looking to help others and volunteer and is a true ambassador for her school.

Lucas Dunlap – Lucas shows great leadership skills, he can be given any task and he will complete it quickly and efficiently. He loves to be helpful and has helped his neighbours with their groceries and shovelling and is always looking for extra jobs around the school to lend a hand.

Taylor Ferguson – Taylor is a real asset to her classroom. She is always willing to help anyone who needs it and she goes out of her way to make other’s day. She is involved in school spots and always pitches in to help. Taylor is positive and supportive to everyone she encounters.

Austin Gallant – Austin went above and beyond expectations this year helping many seniors over this winter of heavy snow fall. He diligently shovelled not one but nine walkways each snow fall! Austin is an amazing young man who made a big difference in the lives of many this winter.

Aislan Gyori – Aislan has the drive to become successful in everything she does. At all times she is very willing to help in any way she can and hopes to become a vet one day. She volunteers her lunch hour helping clean up after hot lunch and shows leadership in everything she does.

Ashton Hammer – Ashton stands up for the little guys and is someone who other youth can look up to. He is a member of the Junior Leadership Club at the youth centre and takes his role very seriously. Even when he broke his foot and was not able to fully participate in activities he was there to lend a helping hand and be a role model to the younger children.

Dylan Harnett – Dylan is a very outgoing young man who has a great sense of humour and is very caring. He attended a leadership camp last year and used his new skills to help make his school a better place. Dylan also teaches younger teens about bullying. He is a very involved leader and an asset to his community.

Dylan Hilman – Dylan is never afraid to try new things and never shies away from a challenge. He always gives his best and his sweet, mature and responsible personality makes him well liked by both his peers and teachers. Dylan is reliable and can always be counted on to lead by example.

Sierra Hilman – Sierra is very active, she plays every school sport and excels at each one. She is compassionate towards everyone she encounters. Sierra shows exceptional leadership skills and takes on each new challenge and turns it into an opportunity for success.

Jordyn Hiscox – Jordyn is active in her school’s Renaissance program, helps with the hot lunch program and is also active and busy outside of school hours. She enjoys helping plan month-end events and spirit rallies. Jordyn is always willing to help others and is very encouraging to her peers.

Chantel Hoffman – Chantel is a lovely young lady who has a bubbly and fun personality. She is active in the Renaissance program and always willing to lend a hand. She is known to go out of her way to ensure any project she is involved with ends with a great result.

Halle Holladay – Halle is a very determined and motivated young lady. She is a high academic achiever, peer mentor and involved within her church community. Halle is well known for her kind heart towards others and non-judgmental nature.

Amber House – Amber is a determined individual who helps in her school’s breakfast program. She offers to help every day and is involved with preparing, serving and cleaning up. She is always enthusiastic and can be counted on to complete her duties successfully.

Everett Jefferies – Everett is very mature for his age and takes his studies and sports very seriously. When he says he is going to do something it can be counted as done. He is an outstanding public speaker and active in sharing skills to prevent bullying within his school. He is dedicated and determined to doing his very best at home, his school or within our community.

Jaycob Johanneson – Jaycob is a great leader in his class and does many activities throughout the school without supervision. He is an outstanding student and takes his studies seriously. Jaycob demonstrates outstanding leadership skills in everything he participates in.

Bronwyn Jones – Bronwyn is enthusiastic and responsible in all things she participates in. She has been a big help around her school setting up and preparing for assemblies over her lunch hours and is a participant in many school sports. You can always count on her to encourage her teammates and show good sportsmanship.

Kacey Joseph – Kacey enjoys helping others and spending time with her friends. She always has a smile on her face and shows great compassion and empathy for others. Kacey has an excellent work ethic and is always open to using her lunch hours to help other students understand new concepts and assignments in the classroom.

Destiny King – Destiny is positive and always strives to be a good role model. She helps with the breakfast program every single day and has been active in training her helpers to the program. She is always willing to help and shows great patience and leadership when doing so.

Cassidy Klein – Cassidy is determined to make a difference in the lives of others. She is decisive about actions that need to take place to make her goals a reality. Cassidy is involved in many sports, music, yearbook, the Beyond the Hurt program. Her dedication and commitment to achieving her own personal best make her a Leader of Tomorrow.

Daria Kostiuk – Daria is a hard working student. She is organized and has high expectations of herself. She is always willing to give up her lunch hour to support her work on the yearbook committee, and within that committee she is a problem solver and risk taker. She always strives to excel in everything she is involved in.

Jenna Lagoutte – Jenna is a creative and innovative thinker. She helps at many community events, is involved in the breakfast program and Renaissance program. Jenna is always wearing a smile and is the first one to volunteer to help.

Emily Lumbis – Emily is honest and compassionate. She shows a huge amount of integrity for her age and is always a loyal friend and role model for her peers. She leads quietly, but when she does have a great idea everyone listens because chances are it is a good one! Emily has already grown so much as a leader and is always looking to add more responsibility and continue growing her leadership skills.

Hannah Lynn – Hannah is sweet, outgoing, and a caring individual. She is active within her school and community as a whole. She is a dedicated student on top of being involved in many team spots. Hannah is an incredible asset to her school and will be missed as she leaves for high school in September.

Carly McDonald – Carly is very ambitious, she is involved in hockey and wants to play in the Olympics one day! She helps within her school by hanging posters, recycling and cleaning up around the school. Carly is always looking for more ways to get involved in the community and has many great ideas on how she can help.

Baily McKnight-Hunt – Baily is one of the most positive and upbeat students her nominator has ever met. She is active within her school, church, youth group and has been to many out of school camps. Baily is always helping others and can be counted on to assist in any tasks that need to be completed. She is a great example of leadership within her school.

Jared Miller – Jared is energetic, reliable and loyal. He has a sense of humour that makes everyone around him smile. He has a passion for learning and helping others all around him. Jared is a strong leader within his classroom and school and can always be counted on to look at the positive aspect of any situation. His nominator has no doubt he will be recognized again in the future for doing something incredible and making a difference in our world.

Joclynn Mosset – Joclynn is a hardworking, strong and dedicated young lady. She will stop at nothing to achieve her goals. She is very patient with younger children and loves to teach them new skills. Joclynn helped organize and deliver toys to Calgary Sick Kids and is a mentor to young curlers within our community. She is happy to help and driven to achieve any goal she sets out for herself.

Eliana Mulholland – Eliana is an exceptional young lady. She is quiet until you get to know her then is bubbly and has a great sense of humour. She is a competitive swimmer and loves spending time helping around the house and with her family. She is someone her peers can look up to and staff within the school can always depend on.

Mackenzie Numan – Mackenzie is positive, determined, and very helpful. She makes an effort to ask students who are quieter to join her group and is always willing to help them understand their work. She gives up her lunches to volunteer with hot lunch and other school activities along with helping to score keep at sports games. Mackenzie’s positive attitude is what makes her a true leader!

Alyssa Olsen – Alyssa is full of life and has a great sense of humour. She would like to be a nurse one day because she likes to help people and see them smile. She is active in the Renaissance program and outside of school helps friends with babysitting, mowing lawns, and is a competitive dancer. Alyssa is one of the top leaders in her grade and always strives to develop and enhance her leadership skills.

Blythe Playford – Blythe sets her goals high and works very hard to achieve them. She is very helpful during class and often stays after school to help in any way she can. After school she walks neighbour’s dogs and mows their lawns. She truly shows what a great leader should be.

Keagan Pratt – Keagan keeps very active within his school along with in our community as a scout. At school he is involved with the Eco club and Renaissance. Keagan has visited with seniors and picked up garbage around town. He is very caring and willing to go above and beyond to help everyone in our community.

Max Prier – Max is a student who is always smiling and positive. He stays behind after class to help clean up and during class is one of the first to offer to work with others and help where needed. His contagious smile helps everyone feel welcome.

Kayla Rosie – Kayla knows the value of being involved. She is active in her school, sports, a mentor in the Beyond the Hurt program and was a very busy volunteer during the Hockeyville campaign. Kayla spent hours designing posters and creating videos to help in the campaign. The skills and community involvement Kayla shows are paving the way for a very bright future.

Madison Roth – Madison is always willing to help in every way she can. She is part of the breakfast team and helps at town events. She will stay in over lunch to help with Renaissance projects and helps plan month-end parties. She is one to make a plan and follow it through until it is completed with a great attitude all along the way.

Jaidra Russell – Jaidra has a bubbly personality and is always encouraging to others. She is always willing to help and offers daily to see what she can do. She helps her peers and is always positive. Jaidra is a determined young lady and looked up to by many of her peers.

Madison Saunders – Madison is a very ambitious young lady! She plans to go to school to become a chef and then open up her own restaurant in Paris! She demonstrates her leadership skills and achieved awards in both math and science. She is active in her community through the Girl Guides program and is always showing off her friendly and outgoing personality.

Keara Slimmons – Keara is a delightful young lady who strives to do well in anything she does. She would like to one day travel the world and research many types of animals. This year she has taken on the duty of cleaning up after her school hot lunch program by going around to each classroom to pick up all boxes used to deliver the food and is always a pleasure to be around.

Megan Steenbergen – Megan is an exceptional student who is able to do anything she chooses. Throughout the year Megan has shown her leadership skills through helping others in their learning as well as helping her teachers in the classroom. Her excellent work ethic, strong convictions and good judgment make her stand out as a leader.

Megan Stace-Smith – Megan is a marvellous student in her school. She shows exceptional leadership skills, completing any task that is asked of her quickly and efficiently. Through her consistent display of maturity teachers know they can ask her to do many tasks unsupervised. Megan is a pleasure to have in the classroom and around our community.

Ashley Tait – Ashley is a strong and silent leader in her classroom and community. She loves reading and is involved in several school sports, Renaissance, and the breakfast program. Ashley is happy to give up extra time to make sure everything is organized and cleaned up properly. She also volunteers for events within our community. Ashley is an inspiring leader who will no doubt make a difference in the lives of others.

Brynne Takhar – Brynn is an enthusiastic and engaged student. She is supportive of other students encouraging them to do their best and offering her help. Brynn is the first to compliment other students and actively seeks out places where she can make a difference.

Sara Tallon – Sara keeps very busy playing hockey and learning to play the guitar. She is an outstanding student who does well in everything she chooses. She goes out of her way to help and make things she is involved with run smoothly. Sara demonstrated wonderful leadership skills and is an asset to our school.


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