Banner year for Terry Fox community run

It was a banner event for Sylvan Lake’s Terry Fox Run!



by Scott McDermott

It was a banner event for Sylvan Lake’s Terry Fox Run!

I brought the Terry Fox Run to Sylvan in 2006, because I thought it was silly to have to drive to Red Deer, and our community had grown enough to host the event.

Back then we ran from H. J. Cody High School, and just went along the sidewalks in a large square. We had 12 volunteers, and 16 runners that year.

Rae-Anne Ornella took over run director duties for several years when my triathlon schedule prevented me from doing so, and she moved the event to the newly developed Leader Field.

Over the years the run has seen as many as 25 or 30 runners, and some crazy weather to boot.

Sunday though, everything was perfect! Taking back over the run and having the amazing location of Centennial Park, on a sunny Sunday we saw a record 74 runners and 11 volunteers. Sunny 94 announced the event, and through Facebook and email we were able to contact more people than ever.

We raised $2,465 for the Terry Fox Run, one of the highest totals I can remember.

A big thanks to all the volunteers and participants for making the event so successful! I look forward to future years as things continue to grow.

Students at Sylvan Lake area schools will be participating in their own Terry Fox Runs later this month. The run at École Mother Teresa School takes place tomorrow (Sept. 20). Poplar Ridge, C. P. Blakely, Benalto and Steffie Woima schools have runs scheduled for Sept. 26, according to school newsletters.