Marcella Renaud on the piano. Submitted photo

Marcella Renaud on the piano. Submitted photo

Budding performers showcased talents at Christmas recital

Long-awaited event highlighted hard work done behind closed doors

It was showtime after a long time for the flourishing House of Music performers as they took over the stage at the Alliance Community Church Dec. 18, stealing the audiences’ gaze with their Christmas recital.

“We have a lot of new performers. COVID has essentially had us starting from scratch. So, a lot of the performances are first-timers, and they killed it. They did so good,” said Megan Epp, House of Music owner and teacher. “There is just such a benefit for these students to be able to perform at an event like this. It’s an opportunity for them to showcase all their handwork and talents. It’s a motivating factor to get something prepared and it’s just a feel-good event for everybody,” she added.

The over 20 performers were between five and 17 years of age. A second set of virtual Christmas recitals was also conducted for those unable to attend in person. The virtual recital can be viewed on The House of Music Facebook page.

“Beyond just the musical benefit of perfecting your skill set, it takes a lot of bravery to get on stage. So, it’s a huge confidence builder for a person and it really proves to these kids what they can do and that is a fundamental piece of upbringing for our children and it becomes part of who they are. You need that skill in life,” said Epp. “It’s an uplifter, a boost for the parents. it’s just a wonderful opportunity to see their kids on the stage just trying and doing their best and putting all their hard work and practice on showcase. They get all dolled up and there are dresses and tuxes, and their fancy little shoes, it’s just heartwarming,” she added.

The House of Music conducted a poll to ensure whether parents and students were on board for the event. The poll received a good feedback, said Epp.

“I feel like the government has given us some safe options to facilitate an event like this and we have taken every precaution to do that. We are actually at one-fifth capacity, offering masks and we are wiping down the instruments between everybody’s performances. All of the parents have assigned seating. So, there is lots of space between the families,” said Epp.

“The joy of Christmas music is iconic at this time, and we are just so happy to have that place in these kid’s worlds and be able to coach them and help them along. We just want to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy new year,” said Epp.

With the public health measures permitting, Epp hopes to host the annual in-person recital in June 2022. For registration and further information visit or email


Callee Lundy (right) performing with teacher Craig Gomez. Submitted photo

Callee Lundy (right) performing with teacher Craig Gomez. Submitted photo