C.P. Blakely Grade 5 students prepare for change

Grade 5 students at C. P. Blakely School, and their principal Trevor Sanche, remembered their time at the school as they said a final

Grade 5 students at C. P. Blakely School, and their principal Trevor Sanche, remembered their time at the school as they said a final goodbye last Thursday. Sanche is leaving the school for a position as division principal in Innisfail.

“A sincere thank you goes out to each of the families in our community. You have made my time at C. P. Blakely School exciting and memorable. I truly have enjoyed many aspects of this position,” wrote Sanche in the school’s June newsletter.

Current vice principal Anne Frey, who will be principal next year, led the farewell ceremony, which included a picture slideshow and presentation of certificates.

The Anastasia Swann Memorial Sparkle Award was presented to student Tori Elsbett, whose name will be added to a plaque displayed in the school. Anastasia Swann had cancer when she was a Grade 6 student at C. P. Blakely in 1993. Her parents attended the ceremony to present the award to Elsbett, who staff chose as best exemplifying her qualities.

“She would always be laughing with her friends and enjoying life,” said Frey of Swann.

Elsbett said she is excited to go to a new and bigger school next year. She remembers meeting new people and making friends at C. P. Blakely, which she said took a day when she started school in Grade 1.

Her father Darrell said it’s a great honour for his daughter to have received the award, and isn’t worried about the transition she will be making to a different school.

“I think she’ll be fine. She doesn’t have a problem making friends or fitting in,” he said.

Her teacher, Chandra Clark, said Elsbett is friends with everybody on the playground, and makes sure to include everyone in activities.

“She’s a sweet little girl,” said Clark, adding that Elsbett also had the lead role in the school play.

“She’s very kind and very helpful,” said Tara Ireland, who took over the class after Clark went on maternity leave. She said that Elsbett always has a different group of friends around her.

Clark and Ireland said they don’t think the transition to a bigger school will be difficult for the students. They attended tours at École Fox Run School, and are able to meet the principal. Throughout the year, Clark and Ireland said, teachers also regularly talk about how things will be different at Fox Run.

“I think they’ll do great. The schools work together very closely,” said Clark. “The kids really love growing up and getting out of the baby school.”

C. P. Blakely’s departing Grade 5 students include: Alyssa Andrew, Noah Carlson, Logan Cressey, Tristan Crich, Tori Elsbett, Cole Joseph, Baylie Kennedy, Brice Kolody, Ethan Lambert, Turner Loroff, Aiden Meier, Reagan Mucci, Madison Roth, Lexi Wall, Alison, Megan Abram, Taegan Asham, Niah Bayliss, Kenidee Callsen, Dayton Copeman, Zachary Daniels, Autum Erickson, Kara Gustum, Tanner Haefner, Tristan Hess, Amber House, Brooke Howell, Hana Lockyer, Connor Lyons, Geordan MacKinnon, Isabella Martens, Jeremy McLaughlin, Ethan Meadows, Jenna Meier, Dylan Mimnagh, Holden Rauch, Aidan Rider, MacKenzie Schneider, Layne Smith, Vincent Stoesz, Jacob Weller, Sam Arsenault, Deni Brauer, Henna Bray, Dion Bruyere, Amber Chenier, Connor Crawford, Jarrett Day, Hannah Gardner, Alex Harlos, Dawson Hilla-Hartt, Shelby Jolicoeur, Ethan Kratchmer, Kaitlyn Lapp, Jackson McClemont-Waters, Zoe Meinen, Haley Miller, Jessica Murray, Joecill Muyot, Wyatt Myhr, Mercedes Ominayak, Kyra Palmer, Dakota Pan, Spencer Petkau, Kieran Riguidel, Tavia Swain and Cameron Tubbs.