H. J. Cody Principal Dave Elwood (back) presented awards to students achieving the top mark in their grade — Alex Donaghy (Grade 12)

H. J. Cody Principal Dave Elwood (back) presented awards to students achieving the top mark in their grade — Alex Donaghy (Grade 12)

Citizenship, academic excellence recognized at Cody awards night

The Stevenson Fine Arts Centre was filled to capacity over 200 people gathered to applaud and congratulate deserving H. J. Cody students

The Stevenson Fine Arts Centre was filled to capacity over 200 people gathered to applaud and congratulate deserving H. J. Cody students who were recognized for academic excellence and community involvement during the annual awards night last Friday.

“It definitely takes a community to raise a child and this community has been very generous with its support through sponsorship of awards,” said emcee Vice Principal Darcy Marshall. “Without that support, many of the efforts of the students would not be able to be recognized.”

He noted later in the program that between $60,000 and $70,000 was given to students to further their education, $43,700 of that through the provincial government’s Rutherford Scholarships.

“Awards night is a special event for a number of reasons,” said Marshall. “The students who will be receiving awards tonight have shown that they understand the four pillars of our school — knowledgeable, communication, professional and caring. Their knowledge is evident. They have the ability to communicate their knowledge. The professional way that they conducted themselves with the emphasis on education. They care — therefore they succeed.”

Following and the awards and recipients in a variety of categories.

Art and Soul Awards

For top overall mark in art and funded through proceeds of the Art & Soul event. These students have shown artistic talent, dedication, and appreciation for visual arts.

Art 9 – Georgia Dosser; Art 10 – Breanna Tait; Art 20 – (tied) Breanna Allen and Isabella Larsen; Art 30 – Bailey Miller.

CTS Awards

Recognize students who have excelled in communication, home economics, outdoor education and industrial arts. Strategic Communication Technology Award to top student in one of the following areas: animation, video, programming, web design, photography and/or graphic design – Wyatt Downie. Sobey’s CTS Foods Award to top student in food studies classes in senior high – Brooklyn Soley. Rona Building Supplies Top Grade 9 Woodworker Award for top mark in Grade 9 shop/woodworking – Emma Kooiman. Boston Pizza Metal Work Award for top high school student in area of metal work – Gabriel Galang. Falcon Homes Top Grade 10-12 Woodworker Award to student in high school with top mark in shop/woodworking – Tristan Hagan. Meadowlands Outdoor Education Award – Austin Moore.

Drama Awards

Recognize students for top overall mark in drama and are funded through proceeds of Art & Soul. These students have shown talent, dedication and appreciation for dramatic arts. Many have been in past productions or will be in this year’s production “Village of Idiots” which takes place Dec. 3-7. Drama 9 – Amber Carson; Drama 10 – Whitney Lehman; Drama 20 – TJ Sloboda; Drama 30 – Shaye Lyons.

Fitness and Health Awards

Top Grade 9 physical education student, sponsored by Meadowland Golf Club – Kassidy Mason; Top high school physical education student, sponsored by Sylvan Lake Golf & Country Club – Morgan Drews.

Language Awards

French Immersion award, sponsored by the school – Kiana McCluskey; Spanish award, sponsored by Dairy Queen – Madison McDonald.

Music Awards

Boudeaux Music Award for most improved in Grade 9 music, sponsored by Margaret Boudeaux in memory of her husband Ray – Keenan Degenhardt.

Top band and choral awards are funded by Art & Soul: Band 9 – Ceanna Muller; Band 10 – Brianne Hughes; Band 20 – TJ Sloboda.

212 Degree Spirit Memorial Award for outstanding contribution to the H. J. Cody Band through love and appreciation of music, effort and reliability, courtesy and respect towards others and willingness to go the extra mile, sponsored by Art & Soul – Shaye Lyons.

Choral 9 – Jennifer Meier; Choral 10 – Brianne Hughes; Choral 20 – TJ Sloboda.

Warkentin Choral Award in recognition of outstanding contribution to H. J. Cody Choir through leadership and personal commitment to excellence in vocal performance, sponsored by Art & Soul – (tied) Bennett Hreherchuk and Sheldon Walker.

Academic Awards – Grade 9

K & E Commitment to Excellence Award to the student who shows strong work ethic, attitude, and co-operation, sponsored by Town of Sylvan Lake – Hunter Everaers.

The following are presented for achieving highest marks in the subject. Language Arts 9, sponsored by H. J. Cody fund (three winners) – Brady Elsbett, Hailie Ludington, Meg Warrener; Gary Mawer Memorial Award – Math 9, sponsored by H. J. Cody fund (three winners) – Jessica Beckwith, Amber Carson, Derian Halsey; Hugh Jesmer Memorial Award – Science 9, sponsored by Sylvan Lake Lions Club (three winners) – Amber Carson, Bobbi Cerin and Emma Laqua; Social Studies 9, sponsored by Town of Sylvan Lake – Emma Laqua.

Academic Awards – Grade 10

English 10-1, sponsored by Bower Dental Center – Breanna Tait; English 10-2, sponsored by Bower Dental Center – Marina Workman; Math 10-C, sponsored by H. J. Cody fund (three winners) – Breanna Tait, Madison McDonald, Gabriel Galang; Math 10-3, sponsored by Canadian Tire – Dylan Bachman; Science 10, sponsored by Fugler Clinic – Nicole Hartley; Science 14, sponsored by Canadian Tire – Dylan Verbeek; Social 10-1, sponsored by Streetwise Driving School (two winners) – Liam Carson, Whitney Lehman; Social 10-2, sponsored by H. J. Cody fund – Kolby Gress.

Academic Awards – Grade 11

Biology 20, sponsored by H. J. Cody fund – Joy Fugler; Chemistry 20, sponsored by Prairie Bus Lines – Keelan Ellerby; English 20-1, sponsored by Dr. Inglis – Michelle Bentley; English 20-2, sponsored by Dr. Inglis – Jamai Bell; Math 20-1, sponsored by H. J. Cody fund – Randi Derbyshire; Math 20-2, sponsored by Value Drug Mart – Raina Stewart; Math 20-3, sponsored by Value Drug Mart – Sean Fitzgerald; Physics 20, sponsored by H. J. Cody fund – Paul Kim; Science 20, sponsored by Scott’s No Frills – Deon Ternovoy; Science 24, sponsored by Value Drug Mart – Sean Fitzgerald; Social 20-1, sponsored by Rowanoak Law Office – Paul Kim; Social 20-2, sponsored by Value Drug Mart – Kennedy Chittenden.

Academic Awards – Grade 12

Biology 30, sponsored by Scott’s No Frills – Bennett Hreherchuk; Chemistry 30, sponsored by Staudinger Memorial Fund – Alex Donaghy; Physics 30, sponsored by Rowanoak Law Office – Alex Donaghy; Peter Ridgeway Memorial Award, English 30-1 – Bennett Hreherchuk; Diane Hutchison Memorial Award, English 30-2 – Shane Lehman; Math 30-1, sponsored by Dr. Inglis – Gabrielle Hamilton; Math 30-2, sponsored by HSE Integrated – Terry Wendland; Math 30-3, sponsored by HSE Integrated – Hailey Beauchamp; Social 30-1, sponsored by Town of Sylvan Lake – Natasha Bhola; Social 30-2, sponsored by Town of Sylvan Lake – Kolson Moore

Citizenship, Excellence and Leadership awards

For most of these awards, particularly at the Grade 12 level, students must fill out an application giving details and evidence of what they have done to be deserving of the awards. Some also require character references and letters.

“We feel this process gives the students a chance to realize how important volunteering and citizenship is and how good it feels to look back at their accomplishments and know they have made H. J. Cody School and Sylvan Lake a better place,” said emcee Vice Principal Darcy Marshall.

Sylvan Lake Arts Society Award for top art student attending post-secondary school who is conscientious and community service oriented – Chantel Head.

Nabors Production Services Construction Safety Award to student who exhibits excellence in construction safety – Evan Veal.

Merit Contractors Association Award to student who shows excellence in construction related courses – Graham Swanson.

Kathleen Ostrom Memorial Award to female student who is community minded with strong academics and work ethic – Roshell Organ.

Anne Rowberry Memorial Award, in honour of a long time physical education teacher and coach at H. J. Cody, recognizes a female student who has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to Lakers women’s basketball – Alex Donaghy.

Jake Jacobs Memorial Athletic Scholarship in honour of a former teacher and vice principal at H. J. Cody, to a school athlete who is attending post-secondary – Morgan Drews.

Best Body Fitness Awards, to top male and female Grade 11 students who best combine academics and athletics, sponsored by Best Body Fitness – Cam Lee and Phoenix Schultz.

Jostens School Spirit Award, to the Grade 11 student who best demonstrates school spirit, supports academics, fine arts and athletics. They are a true ‘Laker’ and proud of it – TJ Sloboda.

Rouillard Law Tribute Award, to a Grade 12-2 student or trades student who is well rounded, volunteers in the community and has strong academics – Joey O’Donnell.

Steffie Woima Scholarship, to a student who exhibited high achievement, school citizenship and is attending post-secondary -Thomas Bystrom.

Town of Sylvan Lake Citizenship Awards, to a male and female Grade 12 student who has shown strong community involvement and are attending post-secondary institution – Chantel Head and Brent McLean.

M. J. Maxson Award, to a student living in Red Deer County who is registered in a university program and not eligible for the Rutherford Award at the Grade 12 level, in honour of long time county resident Magnus Johann Maxson – Brooklyn Soley.

Lions Legacy Scholarship, to a deserving student who best illustrates the combination of good marks, school participation, need and community involvement – Shaye Lyons.

Sylvan Lake Heritage Handcraft Society Citizenship Award, to a student who shows exemplary citizenship as well as commitment to school and community – Shaye Lyons.

Chase Cornford Memorial Award, in honour of a former Grade 10 student who passed away with cancer. This award goes to the student who best demonstrates academics, athletics, citizenship and leadership, the characteristics of strength and determination in Chase’s honour – Tyler Ledwos.

Rotary Humanitarian Awards, to Grade 11 and 12 students who show community involvement and school citizenship – Jacqueline Starcheski and Kirstynn Joseph.

Rotary Club Scholarships, two $1,000 awards to students who best meet the Rotary 4-Way Test (Is it the truth, is it fair to all concerned, will it build goodwill and better friendship, and will it be beneficial to all concerned), to students enrolled in a post-secondary institution – Gabrielle Hamilton and Morgan Drews.

Red Deer College (RDC) Regional High School Access Award, given out at each Central Alberta high school to a student attending RDC who applies for the scholarship. Alex Donaghy was selected from several applicants.

Dr. Martin Long Award, to a student who has honour marks and has demonstrated strong community involvement and citizenship – Alex Donaghy.

Top Achievers Awards

Top marks overall Grade 9 – Amber Carson; Senior high academic achievers awards, top marks based on Rutherford criteria; Grade 10 – Breanna Tait; Grade 11, sponsored by Timelapse Productions – Paul Kim; Grade 12 – Alex Donaghy.

Rutherford Scholarships – Chais Avery, Logan Bittner, Thomas Bystrom, Alex Donaghy, Morgan Drews, Gabrielle Hamilton, Chantel Head, Brooke Kentz, Jordan Kril, Tyler Ledwos, Shaye Lyons, Mackenzie Machulski, Cassandra Main, Tyson Maton, Brent McLean, Erin Miller, Kolson Moore, Riley Prediger, Bryanne Smith, Taylor Solberg and Devon Upton. The 21 recipients were presented with a total of $43,700.

The scholarships are presented by the province to students who achieve an average of 75 per cent or better in five eligible courses in Grade 10, 11 and 12. Students receive $400 for 80 per cent or better in Grade 10, $800 for Grade 11 standing and $1,300 for Grade 12 standing. They receive $300, $500 and $700 for averages between 75-79.9 per cent in Grades 10, 11 and 12 respectively. The awards are presented when their attendance at a post-secondary school is confirmed so those who delay their education receive the scholarship when they resume.

Governor General Medal for highest academic standing – Alex Donaghy. “This award does not have a dollar value strictly associated with it, but it shines the brightest,” said Marshall.