Rick Lawson shows off his 1931 Ford

Rick Lawson shows off his 1931 Ford

Cruising the classics: Taking a step back in time

Extreme car enthusiast Rick Lawson is one of the many classic car owners who drops by the A&W in town Monday evenings.

Extreme car enthusiast Rick Lawson is one of the many classic car owners who drops by the A&W in town Monday evenings for a burger and a drink.

Driving to the restaurant is not just a place where classic car owners can eat a burger, it also continues the novelty of a historical era of when the classics were born.

“A&W is an establishment that was set up in 1956, so it kind of goes with the old car era,” Lawson said. “I was born in 1956, so it’s a little part of history for me too, and A&W has always been a supporter of the old cars.”

Lawson owns several classics, and said deciding what car to drive might be harder than deciding where he wants to go.

Some of his beloved cars include a 1964 GMC, a 1967 Chevelle, a 1931 Ford and a couple of Corvettes, all of which are parked at his home and wait patiently to be driven.

His 1931 Ford is one of his favourites because he says it’s “cool to drive” and hasn’t been modified.

Lawson discovered a love for cars at a young age when he would help his father fix cars, and that’s when the idea of being a classic car owner first entered his mind.

Not only is owning a classic car fun, he said, it is also a great way to meet new people — the car is always a great conversation starter, he assures, and even the most shy of people will come up to ask him about his car.

And if his car is neat and clean, it gets attention from people giving him the thumbs up and screaming compliments in the streets.

“It’s an enjoyable piece,” Lawson said. “You get to meet a lot of people and they are not afraid to walk over and say hello.”

Lawson admits that owning and maintaining the number of cars he does is an expensive hobby, but it’s something that gives him enjoyment in life.

He even compared his passion for owning and driving so many cars as to why women go out and buy new clothes and get their hair done — it helps them enjoy themselves, and owning and driving classic cars makes Lawson enjoy himself.

“It makes you feel good — it’s what you enjoy and in life, what are we here for?,” he said. “If you don’t enjoy yourself, in the end it’s all for nothing.”