Easter egg hunt to raise funds for spray park

Easter egg hunt to raise funds for spray park

The Sylvan Spray Park Committee is hosting an Easter party and egg hunt March 31

The Sylvan Spray Park Committee is hosting a family Easter party and Easter egg hunt at Ecole H.J. Cody School on March 31 to fundraise for the spray park.

Registration for the Easter egg hunt will be from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m.

From 12-1 p.m. there will be a wide range of activities and entertainment for families and kids to participate in. There will be games, glitter tattoos, a balloon artist, a magician, face painting and more.

The Easter egg hunt will begin at 1 p.m. with each age group sent to a different area. Kids will be separated into age groups for the egg hunt with the older kids being given more of a challenge to find the eggs. The kids can use the eggs they collect to trade them in for treat bags.

The whole event is being sponsored by X-Calibur Ground Disturbance Solutions. Entrance for the event is by donation and there will also be food and drinks for sale. All proceeds will go towards the spray park.

The committee is aiming to raise $800,000 for the spray park and currently has raised around $40,000. It’s taken the committee three years to build up their funds so far and the chair of the committee, Laura Lauder, expects the going will get easier.

“When we started at zero it’s really hard to get from zero to even what we’re at but I feel a lot more confident about where we’re at because from here it’ll just be easier,” Lauder said.

The fact the committee is not even half-way to their goal has made it challenging when applying for certain grants that require a higher amount of funding to already be in place before giving approval. Now the committee finally has a bigger chunk of the funding raised, Lauder feels optimistic about the fundraising process.

“Going forward it’s a lot easier to get… grants because we already have that money. We’re not such a liability anymore.”

Lauder said the committee dwindled down for a bit but has recently added more members, including a professional grant writer, which has made the process easier.

“It’s really hard when it’s just a couple of you but now that it’s probably a dozen or so of us working on this and bringing new energy and new ideas… I’m feeling a lot more confident and comfortable with our process,” Lauder said.

The Town has given the committee the land for the park and will also provide landscaping and continuing upkeep once the park is open.

One of the things that was most important to the committee was that the park have a recycling water system so it wouldn’t be using the Town water all time. Lauder estimates the system alone as being between $250,000-300,000 which makes up a big chunk of the budget.

For more information on the committee and to get involved or donate, visit their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SLSprayPark/


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