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Eckville celebrates a century of togetherness

Lights up for Christmas on the occasion

The Town of Eckville gathered on the evening of Nov. 3 to mark 100 years of the town’s institution.

Mayor Colleen Ebden said, “It takes the whole town to make it happen and everyone that comes to Eckville, lives here, often works here, and participates in activities. It is all because of them that we are still a town. Congratulations to everybody.” She added, “We are the community of choice that’s why they come here, live here.”

The celebration outside Eckville Community Centre offered hot dogs to attendees, followed by a Christmas tree light-up ceremony, and fireworks.

Ebden said while lighting up for Christmas usually takes place around November end, the town decided to do the official light-up early in recognition of Eckville’s 100th Anniversary this year.

“We are doing the official lighting because it is the 100th Anniversary. But after the end of this event we are going to shut the lights off until Nov. 12 in respect of the veterans,” said Ebden.

Eckville’s former mayor and an avid community volunteer, Helen Posti, said, “The tree lighting was started by the town several years ago, we did it at the end of Main St. Last year we decided we move it up here so that we can have an event in the hall and at the same time light the tree out here.

“We had Santa Claus and we did it at the Legion. But because the tree is here we decided we would do it here. Due to COVID, we have modified again on what we can do.”

Ebden said the town plans to celebrate this historic milestone with events and activities to be conducted for a whole year. She cherishes the coming together of the community through such events.

Ebden said, “This is the start of it. The events will go for a full year. It is open for anyone that has anything they want to do.

“I am putting up a Christmas market, the curling rink might do something, we‘ll hopefully have the arena with either a Bullarama or rodeo event.”

Anyone looking to initiate events can reach out to the chair of Eckville’s 100th-Anniversary committee Janiel Humphrey at (403) 348-1992. “Someone can’t come to this event, but they can come to the next one, and you get more people involved and it’s like a big family coming together.”

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