Eckville Town Office. (File Photo)

Eckville Town Office. (File Photo)

Fire hydrants, tributes, and tax incentives were discussed at Eckville’s town council meeting

‘Our council is open to the public and we’re pretty well back to normal with caution’

At the last Eckville Town council meeting on Aug. 9, a local artist presented an idea to paint the fire hydrants in town.

She brought some concepts to council, said CAO Jack Ramsden.

“We’re hoping to do a prototype where she paints one of our hydrants and if that goes well then we are going to likely do a few more.”

The prototype will hopefully be worked on within the next month or so, said Ramsden.

The council is also moving back to pre-pandemic protocols.

“Our council is open to the public and we’re pretty well back to normal with caution.”

The Town is also currently working on a tribute memorial for residential schools.

The project is still ongoing, said Ramsden.

“As soon as schools are back in we can discuss it with them. Instead of painting crosswalks, council wants to paint the sidewalks in front of one or both schools.”

The original concept that came to council was white feathers on the crosswalks but the Town’s contacts at Wolf Creek thought it wasn’t as appropriate as other symbols.

“This will be done and hopefully approved by some of the elders that Wolf Creek works with.”

Council also gave third reading to the Non-Residential Tax Incentive bylaw.

“The Province made some changes to allow municipalities to offer tax incentives for development but unfortunately when we got into it we discovered it was only for commercial and industrial.”