Sylvan Lake Town Office (file photo)

Sylvan Lake Town Office (file photo)

Lakers will be ‘kicking it to the curb’ soon

On Aug. 14 and 15 the Town of Sylvan Lake will be doing its ‘Kick it to the Curb’ event

On Aug. 14 and 15 the Town of Sylvan Lake will be holding its ‘Kick it to the Curb’ event.

This event is another way to help reduce waste and encourage recycling, said Communications Officer Jared Waldo.

“As they say, ‘one person’s junk is another person’s treasure’ and this event embodies that sentiment.”

Helping to reduce landfill disposal is important.

“By sharing unwanted but usable items with fellow Lakers, it reduces additional items being taken to the landfill. If these items go from the curb to someone else’s home, it naturally reduces items becoming waste.”

If people are planning on participating the Town has an event on its Facebook page where they can share the photos of the items they’re going to kick to the curb.

However, while items like kitchen items, unwanted gifts, electronics, and unwanted furniture are allowed, child-related items are not.

“This is a safety issue. We don’t take chances with toys or any children’s items that may seem ‘usable’ but may cause unintended harm due to previously heavy use or unknown safety issues.”

At the end of the day on Aug. 15, if items are remaining they can be taken to the ‘Drop N Swap’ tent located at the Waste Transfer Site at no-charge.