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Legion and Ladies Auxiliary members recognized for years of service

The awards ceremony was held at the Sylvan Lake Legion, Sept. 30
Don Homenuk accepts his five year pin during the Legion Awards on Sept. 30. Homenuk was joined by Wendy Malloy, who also received her five year pin. Not present for the award was Merilyn Weitzel. Photo by Megan Roth/Sylvan Lake News

Service members of the Sylvan Lake Legion and Ladies Auxiliary were honoured recently at the branch’s pin presentation.

Branch President Ed Stevenson and Ladies Auxiliary President Lisa Sweet presented the awards after a light lunch.

A total of 42 pin and special recognitions were presented to the members on Sept. 30. This included two life memberships to the Ladies Auxiliary for members Thelma Paquette and Marie Schlahs.

Sweet called Paquette a “very dedicated lady,” and has served the Ladies Auxiliary for 25 years.

“She is and was a tireless worker, she is a dedicated hockey mom and devoted her time to the hockey league,” Sweet said of Paquette.

Schlahs is called a driving force in the community, and has worked in various ways, including working with girl guides and brownies.

“She is always amiable and good-natured,” Sweet described Schlahs. “Her rice crispy squares are enviable and as is her dedication and appreciation with our LA.”

Also honoured during the ceremony was Gerald Mosely who has the most years as an active member with the Sylvan Lake Legion. He has been a member for the last 60 years.

Members of the Ladies Auxiliary and the Legion were awarded pins for their years for service. Pins were awarded for five, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35,40 and 60 years of service with the branch.

Barry Virtue, the guest speaker for the event and recipient of the 30-year pin, said the Legion is a service to help the community and members of the military.

“I think that in times like this, it is important to remind ourselves as to what the purpose of the Legion is,” said Virtue during his address.

Virtue says the Sylvan Lake branch of the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 212, has done a “very good job” of staying true to the purpose of the Legion. That is helping veterans and RCMP members, their families, remembrance and the community.

Currently the Legion does not have many active veteran files open, though in the past there has been.

The Legion has been active in promoting remembrance within the community through the Remembrance Day service and through the Poppy Campaign, not to mention work through the schools.

“In our community we have also been active over the years,” said Virtue, pointing out the Legion has often submitted a float to the annual 1913 Days parade.

Those honoured at the ceremony are:

60 years: Gerald Mosely

Life Membership, LA: Thelma Paquette and Marie Schlahs

40 years, LA: Carol Barager

35 years, LA: Marg Magnan

30 years: Barry Virtue and Shirley Davies

30 years, LA: Muriam Jaffrey and Dot Boomer

25 years: Wayne Coubrough, Reta Coubrough, Jim Craig, Marlene Craig, Pat Meyers and Linda Snelgrove

25 years, LA: Pat Hammond, Jean Marriot, Laura Olson, Bonnie Olson and Thelma Paquette

20 years: Bob Hamlin, Jim Fry, Al Katona and Jim Crone

20 years, LA: Connie Enghoj, Gwen Liebel and Joyce Pillar

15 years: Wayne Bevis and Ken Todd

15 years, LA: Corrine Graham and Wanda Olson

10 years: Arno Baron, Maxine Rumohr and Joe Drecek

10 years, LA: Donna Boomer, Evelyn Crawford, Kathy Duncan, Millie Little,Elaine Pillar, Betty Finner and Marie Schlahs

5 years: Don Homenuk, Wendy Malloy and Merilyn Weitzel.

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Marie Schlahs accepts a life membership to the Ladies Auxiliary during the Sylvan Lake Legion Awards. Schlahs also received her 10 year pin along with Donna Boomer, Evelyn Crawford, Kathy Duncan, Millie Little, Elaine Pillar and Betty Finner. Photo by Megan Roth/Sylvan Lake News
Ladies Auxiliary member Thelma Paquette was honoured with a life membership during the Legion’s award ceremony on Sept. 30. Along with her life membership, Paquette also received her pin for 25 years of service. Pat Hammond, Jean Marriot, Laura Olson and Bonnie Olson all received their 25-year pin as well. Photo by Megan Roth/Sylvan Lake News
Barry Virtue was the guest speaker at the Legion’s award ceremony on Sept. 30. He also received his pin for 30 years of service along with Shirley Davies. Photo by Megan Roth/Sylvan Lake News