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Library seeks contribution for 10-day food drive tackling food insecurity

Monetary and non-perishable food donations are welcomed
Sylvan Lake Municipal Library’s Little Free Pantry (Submitted photo)

Striving to meet the rising food demand during the pandemic, and with groceries moving off the shelves faster than the Sylvan Lake Municipal Library can restock, they are seeking community input to strengthen operations.

The library shared in a news release, “Sylvan Lake Municipal Library’s Little Free Pantry, a free resource for people dealing with food insecurity, is well used; groceries move off the shelves faster than the library can restock them.

“From October 18th to October 29th, the library is asking for non-perishable food donations or monetary donations to help fill the shelves of the library’s Little Free Pantry.”

The library accepts donations for the pantry all year, but Jeri Wolf, Assistant Director, hopes that this campaign will encourage people to donate food from their pantry to the library’s, if they are able.

“We ask that people check expiry dates before donating, as we can’t use expired items,” said Wolf. “Believe it or not, Kraft Dinner does expire.”

Cash donations of $20 or more qualify for a tax receipt.

To help raise awareness, the library asks that people spread the news by using the hashtags #StockthePantry and #SylvanLakeLibrary on social media.

Visit the library’s website for further information, at

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