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Local businesses will receive support through Chamber funding

Chambers including Sylvan Lake’s have rallied in support of their communities

Throughout the pandemic Chambers of Commerce including the Sylvan Lake chamber have rallied in support of their communities.

Regular surveys have been put out so that the challenges businesses in the community face could be shared with the Alberta Chambers of Commerce so solutions and feedback could be provided.

The Sylvan Lake Chamber provided a free advertising platform for all members, continued to work with the Town on revitalization efforts, and applied for grants and fundraising, said Executive Director Denise Williams.

“The work and lobbying that continuously happens is of great value, but to see the rally that happened in response to the COVID pandemic really made us both proud and hopeful.”

The Sylvan Lake Chamber recently applied for and received funding of $30,240 which will go towards many beneficial advancements.

A Shop Local Video was a project requirement that part of the funding had to go towards.

“This allows us, along with all Alberta Chambers that receive funding and create videos, to really illustrate the value that local business brings to our communities. How they give back, create jobs, support local charity, kids sports, fundraising.”

A local videography company has already been contacted with a goal of completing the project this summer, said Williams.

There will also be updates to the already launched Sylvan Lake Town App that was created during the pandemic which members were able to use to promote their businesses.

“With the grant funds we now have some marketing dollars to promote the app far and wide. It also allows us to add more businesses with upgraded listings so they too can promote their businesses for the rest of the year.”

Currently, the Chamber is in the process of reaching out to businesses to offer them this support.

A Sylvan Lake Dining Guide will also be made featuring full color mouth-watering photography and map markers so visitors know the options around town.

“The map inside will feature many restaurants and bars in a beautiful way, giving an idea of what they serve for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and whether they have patios, delivery, pick-up, gluten-free options, and vegetarian options.”

This guide will be found in hotels, motels, campgrounds, the NexSource Centre, golf courses, and other recreational spots.

There is also the cross-province Chamber initiative that the Sylvan Lake Chamber will launch by the fall called the Chamber Market.

“This will allow our local businesses to sell products and services online here in Sylvan Lake and across Alberta.”

The Chamber has received the maximum funding so they will not be adding more projects at this time.