Many appreciated for their volunteer efforts

While there were only two winners of Volunteer of the Year honours at last Friday’s Volunteer Impact Gala, all those who were nominated

While there were only two winners of Volunteer of the Year honours at last Friday’s Volunteer Impact Gala, all those who were nominated were also honoured with certificates and recognition of their valuable work.

Following were the nominees (see separate story on winners).

Sylvan Lake & District Lions Club, celebrating their 60th anniversary, fundraising efforts so they can donate to local programs, organizations, structures and development of green spaces, financial assistance to societies that provide shelter, palliative care and eye research and sponsor five physically or mentally challenged kids with an aid to go to Camp He Ho Ha.

Colleen Watson – devoted countless hours to school, chair of fundraising society and playground subcommittee, breakfast program coordinator.

Roman Catholic Worship – Eilleen Charney, Johanna Dietrich, Rose Marie Thibault and Linda White – volunteer weekly at Bethany to give communion to members of the Roman Catholic congregation. They also help at Sylvan Lake Lodge.

Bethany Hymn Sing Group – Zoria April, Pat Ammeter, Elaine Barker, Lee Cave, Cheri Kay, Evelyn Konynenbelt, Rev. Jin Woo Kin, Edna Mannerfeldt and Dolice Moir – lead songs, play musical instruments so residents can participate in weekly hymn sings.

Brenda Dale – chair of the town’s Centennial Celebrations Task Force, spends countless hours volunteering in the community.

Sylvan Lake Christmas Family – Barb Watson, Anna Orsten, Angie Smith and Marie Schlahs – have run Sylvan Lake Christmas Bureau for 20 years, selflessly donating time during the busiest season of the year to make sure no one goes without food or presents.

Melanie Crehan – founded Paws & Claws, then Serenity Pet Shelter after starting her journey in animal rescue in 2000.

Friends of Bethany – Katherine Bailes, Connie Cartwright, Eileen Dudman, Satoko Dudman, Myrna Johnson, Chris Magas and Darlene McGeough – meet once a month to place special events for residents, created Christmas Giving Tree.

Jody Gyori – vice chair of the fundraising society at École Steffie Woima Elementary School and a member of the playground committee.

Pat Gottlieb – has taken responsibility for coordinating the drivers of the Meals on Wheels program.

Jamie Foy – is the ‘massage guru’ at the lodge and has volunteered for several years.

Hilde Pedersen – has been part of the lodge family for over 25 years, with the knitting, crochet and craft group.

Sue Foy – volunteers at the beauty parlour at the lodge and has started doing manicures for residents on a regular basis.

Linda Russell – is part of the knitting and crochet group at the lodge and helps with special events.

Colleen Blatz – has volunteered at the lodge for over five years, is a dedicated bingo caller.

Shizuko Shirotori – helps with recreation and occupational programs at Bethany, has taken meal time and supportive pathway training.

Terry Stone – escorts Bethany residents to chapel service and stays after to visit.

Betty Finner – an active volunteer at Bethany helps with birthday parties, escorting residents to recreation events, visiting lonely residents, painting fingernails and sewing various items.

Donna Miller – started the Book Club for residents on the second floor of Bethany, is a pastoral care visitor.

Helen McLean – a devoted volunteer at Bethany since it opened 10 years ago, brings cheer and shares stories, involved in volunteer driving, church services, newspaper reading, visiting in the hospital and is “our chime lady”.

Jane Walsh – brings books to Bethany from the library every two weeks.

Sharon Graham – vibrant, caring, youthful senior generously giving her time and energy at Royal Canadian Legion, Memorial Presbyterian Church executive and Evening Guild. As chairperson of the Legion’s Poppy campaign expanded the program and amount raised. 400 volunteer hours a year.

Terrill Young – involved with hot lunch program at École Steffie Woima School which serves 500 students, co-responsible for Booster Juice days.

Carol Foy – devoted breakfast program volunteer at École Steffie Woima School, volunteers each week to serve breakfast, prepare snacks.

Terri Kemper-Lucas – breakfast program volunteer at École Steffie Woima School, secretary of fundraising society.

Laura Lauder – secretary of the École Steffie Woima School council, hot lunch volunteer.

Alexis Tucker – co-coordinator of the hot lunch program at École Steffie Woima School and vice-chair of school council.

Laura Duske – treasurer of the École Steffie Woima School council and involved with the hot lunch program.

Pat Hamill – supporter of the lodge for over 25 years, has been a church service, hymn singing and inspirational leader, volunteers all over the world (India, Kenya, and recently returned from Ethiopia).

Anne Thiessen – lodge volunteer for close to 10 years, volunteers for weekly Bible study.

Koreen Naugler – responsible for purchasing breakfast and snack supplies for breakfast program at École Steffie Woima School, helps prepare and serve.

Melissa Sigfusson – treasurer of the fundraising society at École Steffie Woima School, is part of the breakfast program and responsible for purchasing and preparing snacks and breakfast.

Diane Coulture, Chrissy Dextrase, Helen Petterson, Taren Munro, Erika Moelhoff and Lindsay Haugan – involved in breakfast program at École Steffie Woima School.

Evelyn Haugan – Bible study assistant at the lodge.

Frank Webb – library, community garden, Jazz At The Lake, at the lodge he is a helper whenever needed, fixing a computer, singing with entertainers, handing out Christmas gifts in that red suit.

Sylvan Lake Community Bingo – Lydia and Don Lanterman, Kay Bystrom, Glen Aebig and Selma Scherr – operating since 2009 providing a social event for between 45-50 citizens every week.

Linda Verity – Friendly Visitor volunteer at Bethany, reads the paper to residents.

Jenny Allred – involved with hot lunch program at École Steffie Woima School, co-responsible for Booster Juice days, sole parent volunteer at every picture day.

Marilyn Waters – escorts residents of Bethany to hymn sing every Thursday, helps with special events.

Nathalie Lund – bakes cupcakes for monthly birthdays at Bethany.

Pearl Bell – escorts Bethany residents to hymn sing and church services, sets up chairs, hands out books, a vital part of pastoral care program.

Monica Morcom – board member of Sylvan Lake Seniors’ Association since 2010, converted manual treasurer books to computerized accounting, dedicates time to the association and their fundraising. Sits on Sylvan Lake Family Violence Coalition, Building Bridges committee, Interagency as well as is a past Seniors’ Advisory committee and seniors week planning committee member.

Sharon Nielsen – formed a committee 18 years ago to start Bibles for Grads and has chaired the committee. Approximately 5,000 graduating high school students have been impacted by the event. One of key teachers to see playground built for Beacon Hill/Lighthouse school neighbourhood.

Jaclyn Michalski – Kindergarten classroom and school library volunteer, manages Scholastic Book orders for kindergarten class.