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One very long day

Aleena went to a magic show and wanted to be a volunteer. She put up her hand and the magician picked her to be teleported into a snow globe. She got out of her seat and went to the front of the stage. The magician wrapped his cape around her and before she knew it she was in a snow globe.

When she fell inside the snow globe she could see lots of bright white sparkly snow on the ground and a light blue sky. There was a gigantic igloo with big blocks covered with ice and snow. On the one side of the igloo there was a small snowman with a black hat and an orange carrot nose. Aleena was wearing a puffy green jacket that was very fluffy and warm. She also had warm mittens and a white hat. It wasn’t that cold with all of her gear on.

Aleena needed to find a way out or else she would never be able to see her family again. She had an idea to run up to the glass and push the snow globe over. That did not work at all. It didn’t even budge and the only thing that did happen was now a sore arm.” What should I do now?” she thought.

It was getting colder, so she decided to go in the igloo and warm up. She went inside and saw a lighter and wood so she had another idea to try to melt the glass. Nothing happened when she tried to melt it. The glass stayed the same way it did before.

Aleena went back inside the igloo to go to bed when she saw a miniature snow globe. She got off the couch, went over to it, and shook it. Then suddenly the igloo started shaking but it wasn’t just the igloo, it was the entire snow globe. Aleena stopped shaking the miniature snow globe and the big snow globe stopped too. That’s when Aleena realized this miniature snow globe was controlling the big snow globe. The one thing she could think of was breaking the snow globe. She smashed the miniature snow globe on the ground and the big snow globe broke and she was free.

Aleena was so relieved she was out of the snow globe. She decided to never go to a magic show again.