Steven Bedford. (Submitted photo)

Steven Bedford. (Submitted photo)

Steven Bedford enters municipal election race for council position

‘It has been great so far, and the support is only growing since I announced my candidacy’

Steven Bedford has put his name forward in the municipal election for a council position.

Bedford has been involved with the Town for the past few years.

The decision to run has been one that has been on the table for over a year now, said Bedford.

However one of the reasons he wants to run for council this year is to help bridge the gap between the municipal government and the Town’s residents.

“I love our town and it saddens me to witness and hear others speak of the distinct divide that exists today between our municipal government and our residents. It’s time that this gap be bridged.”

Years of strategic business and life experiences are essential when it comes to the type of leadership required to help Sylvan Lake prosper, said Bedford.

“I have a deep passion for our community and the residents in it. I am an average working class resident and I come into this election with a humble and honest approach to do some good for our Town and residents.”

Bedford previously ran for an MLA position in Alberta back in 2004.

“Throughout the years of dabbling in politics and throughout my career in management thus far, I have gained much knowledge and have been fortunate enough to have learned many skills.”

Communication and straightforwardness are two crucial aspects to bring to the table, said Bedford.

“Being able to have this focus and to engage in open dialogue and healthy discussions when faced with tough decisions and at times multiple opinions and differences is a very important trait of any leader.”

To get the word out about running for council, Bedford has been speaking directly with people in the community, and uses social media.

“Anytime someone sees me, please feel free to come up and chat with me. Also I’m available by email at”

People in the community have shown tremendous support so far, said Bedford.

“We have such an amazing town here and the people in it never cease to amaze me. It has been great so far, and the support is only growing since I announced my candidacy.”