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Stuck in the deep frosty snow globe

Moyie was going on a hike on the winter trails. Holding her red mountain bike, she slipped down a steep cold, snowy hill leaving her bike behind. Moyie hit the frosty ground with a thud and woke up confused, wondering where she was. Then she looked around and it seemed very familiar. Suddenly it came to her. She was in a ginormous snow globe. Moyie was chilly and frightened and it looked like there was no way out of this thick, glass globe.

It was cold inside this ball of deep snow and the air was crisp. There was no grass, just pine trees and woody, bushy shrubs. There were sticks scattered across the ground, with small and big rocks. The sky was dark ocean blue and there were no houses and no spectacular tall buildings. There were tiny snowflakes swaying side to side from the sky and there were lots of snowy hills. Moyie saw a long gravel sidewalk and walked onto the path to let her gray and blue runners dry. She saw a beautiful, icy-blue waterfall that was frozen over.

She started walking down the trail and she saw more rocks in the snow. Moyie picked up one and chucked it to try and smash the glass. She wanted it to break, so she could get out of there and warm up her hands. Her rough, black gloves were not keeping her fingers warm and her feet were starting to freeze. As she walked, it started snowing hard. The snow came down sideways and it seemed like hours went by. The snow filled up the path, covering her runners.

As she looked down at the white, shimmering snow, she got an idea. She started to dig a hole in the snow to see if there was an opening to get out. Her hands started to get numb and her arms were aching as she tried to find a door. Her runners were soggy and wet. She looked around and all she saw were pine trees. She tried to stay warm because she was only in a black t-shirt and a puffy, black vest. Moyie started to shiver up and down her back. She got goosebumps along her arms.

Moyie sat down and tried to think of a plan. Then she got up and went into the forest. She found a fallen tree. It was light enough to lift up and she threw it at the glass and it finally smashed. She felt so excited that she was out, but Moyie felt so cold that she couldn’t move. She had a little strength to step out of the ice cold globe and then bang! She was back on the trail. The sun was gone, it was dark, and the light blue sky was now black. Moyie was so exhausted. She found her bike lying on the trail. She slowly got on her red, vibrant bike and peddled home at last. Moyie climbed into bed and hoped that she would never go back to that scary world again.