Students showcase educational talents at learning exhibition

École Our Lady of the Rosary School buzzed with excitement at the school’s Exhibition of Learning.

Grade 2 French immersion students Mercedes Reinhart

Grade 2 French immersion students Mercedes Reinhart

École Our Lady of the Rosary School buzzed with excitement as parents and special community members celebrated the school’s Exhibition of Learning with teachers and students earlier this month.

Each classroom for the event was theme-based and each student constructed a project accordingly.

The various projects on display centred on a spray park, a sports complex, planets in outer space and boat building.

Visitors had the chance to tour, photograph and discuss the projects.

This is the second year of the Exhibition of Learning was held at the school. Through it, according to principal Jodi Smith, students learn that learning is fun, engaging and challenging.

“Learning is a process that keeps students editing their project, critically thinking about what their next steps will be and analyzing and managing the information they are given,” Smith said.

She said the teachers used cross-curricular competencies to guide students in thinking critically, innovatively and collaboratively while they made their projects.

Smith said the exhibition is held not only to showcase and celebrate what the students have learned by doing their projects, it also gave the students the opportunity to speak with the different visitors and discuss why they made their projects the way they did.

“It’s to build confidence so students can discuss and answer questions people had,” Smith said. “It expands their thinking process.”

Smith said she received good feedback from the parents on the event. She said the parents enjoyed watching their child shine while they presented their projects.

”The parents love getting the chance to have their child be the expert and show such pride in their learning,” Smith said. “Parents were amazed by the students’ ability to answer questions that required critical thinking.”