Town Councillors Megan Hanson and Teresa Rilling volunteer at during the Smile Cookie campaign at Tim Hortons. (Photo Submitted)

Sylvan Lake Municipal Library and Town Council team up to inspire women

Coun. Megan Hanson says getting women invovled in community and local politics is a pssion project

Megan Hanson’s passion project to get more women involved in council and the community is shaping up, thanks to a partnership with Sylvan Lake Municipal Library.

The Town councillor and the library are hosting a virtual event where women in different industries will tell their stories.

The Zoom event, held on Feb. 16 at 6 p.m. will feature local entrepreneurs, businesswomen, and council members who will tell their stories and share opportunities to get involved in the community.

“I know personally I found that breaking into the business and political world was really intimidating for me when I first came to Sylvan,” Hanson said. “It makes me really excited to see if I can encourage others that might be on the brink of diving in to do something great. It’s always easier to take that leap when you have someone cheering you on and encouraging you.”

The event will encourage women to get involved in council and other activities.

“I think it’s important to get involved on council because we make the best decisions when those sitting around our council table are as diverse as our community,” Hanson says. “Our community has struggled in the past through recessions and tragedy and each time we have been able to pull together and come out stronger. These current times will be no different. We need strong, community-minded candidates to put their names forward and be willing to lead us through the current hardships we are facing with new ideas and a passion for building community.”