Sylvan Lake resident nominated for Women of Excellence Award

Amy Komarniski has been nominated by her coworkers in the human services category

Photo Courtest of Amy Komarniski’s Linkedin

Photo Courtest of Amy Komarniski’s Linkedin

Sylvan Lake’s own Amy Komarniski has been recognized for her passionate involvement and dedication to her community.

Komarniski has been nominated for a Woman of Excellence Award in the human services category. She says it is an honour to be recognized.

She continued to say, she doesn’t volunteer for accolades or acknowledgment. Instead Komarniski says she has given her time through various volunteering experiences because she wants to see her community, both Sylvan Lake and the larger central Alberta area, grow and continue to be better.

“I am humbled to be recognized but that isn’t why I do it, I don’t think that anyone who volunteers does,” Komarniski said.

The record number of women nominated for an award this year is outstanding, but Komarniski says she isn’t surprised.

“I think when you look at any group of volunteers, any group that is giving their time for their community, you will find the majority is made up of women,” she said.

In meeting and getting to know many of the other women nominated, all of whom Komarniski says are amazing and have done wonderful things, she said they are inspiring.

What she loves about the awards is it gives people a spotlight to say thank you to those often overlooked.

Specifically, she pointed out the new category at the awards this year, construction, and how it isn’t an area one would think of when giving praise.

“I love to see that [the awards] are growing and more women are being recognized each year,” she said.

“I am still amazed that there are people who don’t know about the awards…”

While the awards and gala are a humbling experience, Komarniski says showing one’s appreciation does not have to be showy or flashy.

She says ‘thank you’ is a powerful term.

“Just saying thank you to someone is a powerful thing. It shows that you see them and that you appreciate them,” Komarniski said.

She continued saying showing appreciation for others and the work they do helps to make people feel like they matter.

“It is easy to get lost in the shuffle, but a simple thank you to someone can change their whole outlook.”

Komarniski would like to see her community show their appreciation to each other, in little ways every day.

“We do a great job in Sylvan Lake, with the community awards and everything, but we can do more every day,” she said.

Komarniski and the other nominees of the Women of Excellence Awards will be honoured at the 12th annual gala on June 19.