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Sylvan Lake Sobeys staff go above and beyond the call of duty to help customer

An elderly customer fell in the store and staff quickly worked to do everything they could to help
Brad and Andrea Bromley. (File Photo)

The team at the Sylvan Lake Sobeys went above and beyond to help an elderly customer in need.

Recently the Sobeys team jumped into action when an elderly man’s leg gave out under him while shopping in the store.

Staff quickly jumped into action to help the man.

“I was just starting my day, and was at the customer service counter when Bev [Thayer] came and told me we had an emergency,” Brad Bromley, co-owner of Sylvan Lake Sobeys, explained.

Rita Hughes, an employee at Sobeys, was helping the man to stabilize himself as his grocery cart rolled away when Bromley came to see what was happening.

Bromley says he and many of the staff are trained in first aide to help during minor emergencies such as this.

When roughly 10,000 people walk through the store each week, accidents happen and it is important to be prepared to help as much as possible.

“Incidents are common like this are common, so we do what we can to do what is best for our customers…” said Bromley, adding sometimes the best thing to do for customers is calling an ambulance or the police.

“This wasn’t a medical emergency, but we wanted to ensure he was alright.”

The staff at Sobeys went along with the man to help him gather his groceries and through the checkout.

At the checkout, cashier Kathy Hayward suggested driving him home as he was still having trouble standing and walking.

After some back and forth Hayward drove the man home, with Hughes following in a separate car, and helped bring his groceries into his house.

A witness to the incident called the action taken by the Sobeys staff “amazing, thoughtful, caring and compassionate.”

“We have an amazing staff and we [Bromley and wife and co-owner Andrea Bromley] are so proud of them,” Bromley said.

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