Sylvan Lake Spray Park reaches fundraising goal with provincial grant

Sylvan Lake Spray Park reaches fundraising goal with provincial grant

The spray park received a $271,976 grant from the Government of Alberta

The Sylvan Lake Spray Park has completed its fundraising and is moving on to the next portion of the process of building a water park.

Recently the Spray Park Committee was awarded a substantial grant from the Government of Alberta.

The grant, which came from the province’s Community Enhancement Program, capped off the committee’s fundraising for the park, which has spanned over five years.

“The Government of Alberta’s grant and the donation from the Town [of Sylvan Lake] was probably 80 per cent of our fundraising,” Laura Lauder, president of the committee, said in a recent phone interview.

The committee had to submit a grant application which included the projected cost and what the committee hoped the project will look when completed.

The Spray Park Committee was awarded a grant for a total of $271,976.

The grant brought the fundraising total up to roughly $600,000.

“We always knew it was going to be an expensive project. Originally, our goal was closer to $1 million… It was a very daunting task,” Lauder said.

The fundraising goal was reduced to $600,000 after it was decided to move the park to the new Pogadl Park.

Lauder said the original plan included a water recycling process, which is quite expensive.

“Moving to Pogadl, we don’t need to add that because the park has a pond where the dirty water will be funnelled to and will then be used to water the park,” said Lauder.

The next step in the process is to put the park construction and plan out for tender.

“One thing we have wanted for the park from the very beginning is accessibility… It is more for small kids, but regardless of movement any can still access this,” said Lauder.

Lauder hopes to break ground on the park this spring to have the spray park included in Town’s Phase One for Pogadl Park.

While active fundraising is now done, the committee is still accepting sponsorships for the park.

Naming rights for the park are still available, according to Lauder.

“Thanks for not giving up on us,” Lauder said. “I know it has taken awhile to get here, so thank you for not giving up on us.”