The Town of Eckville’s 100th anniversary celebration has been postponed to November 3

The 100th anniversary celebration of the town of Eckville four day event has been postponed

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Eckville’s 100th anniversary celebration has been postponed. The celebration was planned as a four-day event in conjunction with this year’s Canada day festivities.

With Covid-19 restrictions and uncertainty over the last year, it became impossible to roll out the town’s plan in that timeframe, said Committee Chair Janeil Humphrey.

However a new date has already been chosen for the event.

“When the committee was able to meet in person, we decided that it would be fitting to begin our 100th anniversary celebrations on Nov. 3, which is the actual date of the Town’s incorporation.”

November 3 will be this year’s tree lighting ceremony, and there will also be some added festivities to kick off the year long celebration, said Humphrey.

“We like to call the celebration ‘100 Years, Eckville Celebrates, Friends, Family & Fellowship.”

Although the event has been rescheduled, people were still upset that it had to be postponed.

“We are sure that some people were disappointed, as we were as a committee, that we had to postpone, but we believe that we have come up with ideas that will be as fun, if not more than our original plan.”

The committee would also like to invite any businesses, groups, or organizations that have ideas for events that would like to partner with the committee as part of the anniversary celebrations to join in.

“We are very excited about the plans we have in the works, and look forward to announcing more information as the plans are finalized. This has been a challenging time, and we believe that this upcoming year of festivities will be the perfect way to celebrate the people of Eckville and all the things that make the town a great place to live.

Gearing up for the project, the Town had previously made an effort to rebuild the time capsule monument located at the end of main street, which had deteriorated. The monument restoration was completed late 2018, early 2019.