Walking trail next to HJ Cody High School off of Centennial Drive. Photo by Kaylyn Whibbs/Sylvan Lake News

Town of Sylvan Lake cleaning up tree belts

The Town of Sylvan Lake is cleaning up deadfall in the tree belt the along CP Trail

The Town of Sylvan Lake is cleaning up the tree belt areas along CP Trail, east of Ryders Ridge Boulevard.

The project began recently and is expected to continue throughout the spring and summer months.

The Town says the project is part of the Urban Forest Management Plan, and includes staff clearing away deadfall in specified tree belts.

“Recognizing the importance that dead trees and downed wood play within the ecosystem, selective removal will occur while maximizing habitat but managing fire risk and concerns for litter and debris,” the Town said.

Hazardous trees will be flagged and removed by a third party arborist who will help with assistance and assessment.

Those with concerns or questions about the project are encouraged to call the Parks Department at 403-887-2880.