Volunteers needed for triathlon events

Volunteers are needed for traffic control, to man intersections and to ensure runners and bikers stay on track May 24.

Volunteers are needed for traffic control, to man intersections and to ensure runners and bikers stay on track during the eighth annual Best Body Sprint Triathlon/Duathlon May 24.

The Sylvan Lake Triathlon Club hosts the race, and about 100 volunteers are needed to help with the different events.

There are four high-energy races — a sprint triathlon, a duathlon, the children’s Splash and Dash and the team sprint triathlon.

There are currently just over a dozen volunteers registered to help with the event.

Volunteer are strongly encouraged to register early by emailing volunteers@sltc.ca.

Early registration means volunteers will likely receive their correct size of T-shirt.

Volunteers will work in short shifts, from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. and from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., and race director Steve Miller said the more volunteers that help for the races, the shorter the shifts will be.

“The main issue is on the road where we have the bikes,” Miller said. “We do all left turns but we still have people controlling traffic at intersections and corners.”

There are about 150 adults participating in the races this year, and 80 children participating in the Splash and Dash.

Adults participating in the sprint triathlon will swim 750 metres, bike for 25.5 kilometres and run for five kilometres.

Athletes in the duathlon will run for 10 kilometres and bike for 26.6 kilometres.

The Splash and Dash is a fun race for children 12 years old and younger. They will swim a single pool length, run one block and then ride a bicycle, tricycle or child’s car for one block.

There will be a team sprint triathlon that men and women can race in together as well.

Full details on all the races can be found on the Sylvan Lake Triathlon Club website at sltc.ca.

Miller said the most enjoyable volunteer positions are situated at the finish line where the participants finish their race, and those that involve watching the children participate in the Splash and Dash.

“There’s a couple hundred people yelling and screaming at them to run faster,” Miller said. “It’s quite interesting and it’s definitely about the most fun. If you haven’t been there you have to come.”