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Youth Advisory Council members sealed new 25-year time capsule

Members of Sylvan Lake Youth Advisory Council plan to give future Sylvan Lake residents a glimpse into life as a youth in 2013.
Members of Sylvan Lake Youth Advisory Council displayed items that were to be included in their 25-year time capsule last Tuesday. Showing a poster among those items were Marcus Ornella

Members of Sylvan Lake Youth Advisory Council plan to give future Sylvan Lake residents a glimpse into life as a youth in 2013. They recently compiled a time capsule to be unearthed 25 years from now.

The idea for the time capsule came after the recent unearthing of a similar one created by group of Sylvan Lake youths in 1988.

Members of today’s Youth Advisory Council spoke about the time capsule at the community centre last Tuesday, and displayed, to an audience of about 20, a video they created to include in the capsule.

The video’s inspiration came from the similar, albeit slightly lower quality, footage that was included in the 1988 capsule, according to secretary Maddie McDonald.

“We watched the one from 25 years ago, and we kind of got ideas from there,” she said. “The people that were on the Youth Advisory Council 25 years ago got to come and watch it, so in 25 years we’ll get to come and watch ours.”

Footage recreated from the 1988 video shows town streets and the inside of H. J. Cody School.

Like its predecessor, the new video also includes contemporary music, movie and pop culture references.

In it, youths perform popular dance moves, and provide their input on what they think the future will look like.

McDonald said the video took several weeks to make, with shooting and editing wrapping up in December.

The capsule was initially supposed to be buried Dec. 5, but due to the large amount of snow on the ground, that date was pushed back.

“We’re going to wait until spring, but we wanted it sealed in 2013,” said McDonald. “We’re not adding new stuff after today (Dec. 31).”

Included among other items in the capsule are pictures, a sweater from a recent youth conference, programs from the community centre, and a poster displaying commonly used internet slang.

After viewing the video and other contents of the 1988 capsule, McDonald is already looking forward to 2038, when she and other members of the Youth Advisory Council and Sylvan Lake community will be able to relive 2013.

“Watching the one from 25 years ago, the video was shaking and everything, so I’m sure they’ll have even better technology in 25 years,” she said. “It will be cool to see how much it’s changed.”