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Bull Arena returns to Eckville after brief hiatus

About 900 people flocked to welcome the return of the annual event
Cole Fired / Submitted photo

The Eckville Arena was packed with bull riding enthusiasts continuing the annual Bull-Arena tradition of over two decades on May 6.

Twenty-two participants were challenged to ride the bulls for at least eight seconds.

Eckville’s Bull Arena is sanctioned by Bull Riders of Canada.

“It was a necessity for our arena. It’s one of our biggest sponsored events and all of the proceeds from it go directly back into the arena. After not having the event for the last two years, if was pretty amazing just to see all the the support that we had, people out and about,” said Eckville Arena board member Danielle Gardner.

In pre-COVID-19 years, the event welcomed players from as far as Brazil ans Australia.

“It was a sold out event, we didn’t expect it at all. It was amazing. We actually had to close the doors and felt really bad doing that but the event was at its peak limit of about 900 people.”

Along with the thrills of the main show, a game of Mexican Poker was also held followed by an adults-only live music and dance event towards the end of the evening.

Gardner says the event turnout had never been better.

“Everyone was just so happy to get out of the house and do something, see other people and visit the community members.”

The event was made possible with support from volunteers and community donors.