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Curiocity Calgary boasts the magic of Winter Village

Entitles town a Hallmark-movie-worthy holiday destination
Town of Sylvan Lake / Facebook image

The lives of Lakers must very well be movie-material with the town of Sylvan Lake being recognized as one of Hallmark-movie-worthy holiday destinations by Curiocity Calgary.

Locals savouring the town’s brightly lit backyard brought further attention to the Winter Village. “This Alberta town has a lakeside light display and skating rink straight out of a Hallmark movie,” said Curiocity Calgary.

The Sylvan Lake Chamber of Commerce chair Denise Williams couldn’t agree more with this recognition. “The Winter Village looks amazing this year, but its location on the pier, and the amazing vista that adds to the magic that makes it Hallmark-movie-worthy for sure,” said Denise. She added that Winter Village keeps town spirits lifted.

As the Winter Village expands attracting greater crowds, Williams looks to encourage overnight stays. She commends the town unity in making Winter Village successful.

“As our reputation grows as a place to visit in the winter months, our hope for the future is to encourage overnight stays. Tourism is good for local business and something the Chamber sees as a priority. The crowds after the parade to watch the fireworks and see the light-up were probably the largest I have seen since this began. It felt like the whole town was out! None of this was possible without the sponsorship of local businesses, organizations, residents and even other non profits…and a passionate team of volunteers.

“This is a community effort and a great illustration of what is possible when we locals choose to spend our dollars at local businesses. They make things like Christmas at the Winter Village a reality,” Williams concluded.