Local attempt to break world’s longest tattooing session record

Brandon Fancie said it was a worthwhile experience

Lucid Tattooing and Design / Facebook photo

Lucid Tattooing and Design / Facebook photo

Local tattoo artist Brandon Fancie took a shot at breaking the Guinness Book of World Records longest tattoo session currently held at 60 hours last weekend at the Ottawa-Gatineau Capital City Ink Fest in Ottawa.

While he was unable to break the record, Fancie returned home with a handful of contacts and cherished memories. The session lasted a little over 30 hours.

Fancie shared in a Facebook post, “Unfortunately, due to a shortage of witnesses in the early morning hours; at over 30 hours into the tattooing, the record attempt has failed as there were not enough fresh eyes to participate in the verification process of the record attempt.”

Fancie shared his satisfaction with the attempt. He said, “I was comfortable at the point we stopped, we were finally setting into a groove and felt like we were starting to coast. Who knows if we would’ve made it another 20 plus hours. I’m sure we would’ve been a lot closer though.

“I am super satisfied with where we got in the tattoo. I got to add a lot more detailing and texture to the work. It’s all coming together and getting better with each session.”

“Despite how it ended, I had a blast. The fact that we didn’t get the record gave me time to enjoy more of the convention. I visited fellow artists and friends from the area I hadn’t seen in years. I also got to book the rest of the weekend working on new clients.”

With a background in oilfield work, Fancie started tattooing 16 years ago and runs Lucid Tattooing and Design in town. Fancie made an attempt to break this record a few years ago that lasted 55 hours but was interrupted due to video evidence issues.

“This was redemption for that basically. It’s also a fun and different way to promote the shop,” said Fancie, adding, “We will not be doing this attempt again. There are too many variables in play and to lose out twice on technicalities, makes it tough. I guess the only way it might be considered is if we get a coordinator from the Guinness Book of World Records to participate, but that is expensive.”



Lucid Tattooing and Design / Facebook photo

Lucid Tattooing and Design / Facebook photo